‘RHOP’: Juan and Robyn Dixon create their dream home after losing their fortune.


Robyn Dixon has a great deal to be pleased with. The RHOP star is in the process of constructing her dream home, in addition to planning her second wedding to Juan Dixon’s longtime love.

And that’s only a couple of years after Robyn lost her fortune to the couple.

How they lost their fortune to Juan and Robyn Dixon

With Juan’s NBA riches, Juan and Robyn enjoyed a decent life, but it all crashed in 2012.

She confided her money to a close friend of the pair, basketball player Earl Badu, according to Robyn. Badu allegedly stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Dixons instead of investing the money.

In a suicide, Badu later jumped to his death.

Robyn filed for bankruptcy, saying that, according to Radar Online, she owed $217,000 and only received around $2,000 a month.

Her debts included a mortgage company of $1489,813, auto payments of $28,372, American Express with $16,577, Discover with $10,871, and Bloomingdale’s with around $3,000.

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A bankruptcy denial occurred in 2014. But, she was compelled to sign up for debt counselling and pay back taxes totaling $16,183 to the IRS. The Dixons, unfortunately, also lost their mansion in Maryland and divorced in the process.

Robyn has expressed a great deal of regret over the loss of her RHOP fortune, explaining that she was the one who wanted to invest the cash. In 2016, she told Bravo TV:

In 2012, the pain and hurt I felt was beyond any other hurt that I’ve ever felt.

And while the loss of money really caused major problems for us, it was the evil lies and deception that hurt the most. In addition to the devastation of losing money and losing a relationship (he was even a nice guy at our wedding), when the same friend took his own life to avoid the repercussions of his actions, I endured the shock of my life.

It really was the most stressful time of my life.” Robyn Dixon, Bravotv.com.”

Juan and Robyn have recovered their finances and are building their dream home now.

The next few years, Robyn and Juan spent getting their finances back on track.

While at the time they were living separately, the pair began to move in to save money together.

They downsized their house and lived on a budget that was shoestring.

Juan turned to college basketball and finally landed a Coppin State University head coaching job. In 2013, Robyn started appearing on RHOP and used the cash she won on the show to launch many projects, including purchasing and flipping houses. She has a hat line as well, which can now be bought online.

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The Dixon’s also reconciled in December 2019 and got engaged again. During the Season 5 reunion, Robyn revealed that the pair are now building their dream house.

In reality, we’re in the process of building a house. We just got the permits, so very soon we’re going to break ground,”We’re actually in the process of building a house. We just got the permits, so we’re going to break ground very soon,” “And then hopefully we’ll be done by May.”

Despite her success, when the IRS slapped her with a $ 90,000 bill, Robyn ran into a problem. Juan made it clear that it was the duty of Robyn to pay for it. Now she’s saying the debt is behind her.

Her future on the show, however, is uncertain. Rumors are surfacing that for season 6 she was not asked to return. Hopefully, to get past her time on the show, she has spent her cash well.


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