‘RHOP’ is reportedly looking for two new housewives to replace Monique Samuels.


RHOP may be in for a big reshuffle. In addition to the exit of Monique Samuels, the role of Robyn Dixon on the show in Season 6 is also uncertain. Producers are planning to add two newcomers to the show, according to sources.

Monique Samuels is leaving “RHOP,” and the future of Robyn Dixon on the show is unknown.

Samuels reveals Us About The Tea that she left after being repulsed by what she saw during Part 3 of the reunion, despite being given a new deal and agreeing to participate in Season 6.

Producers extensively edited the reunion, according to Samuels, to remove conversations that she says supported her argument that her co-stars attempted to conspire against her family.

“I was excited to be back and to know that this time I was going to redeem myself and show my growth, but when I saw episode 3 of the reunion, I said, ‘You know what, I can’t do this anymore,'” she said. “It probably would have been a little easier if they had fired me instead of me having to sit down and be real and say I have to leave.”

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The departure of Samuels reportedly saved Dixon’s career, as her job was in jeopardy prior to Samuels’ departure.

Dixon and her attorneys are still in Season 6 talks, but she has not signed on yet. Dixon wants a big raise, according to All About The Tea, but producers are reluctant until she demonstrates more depth with Juan in her storyline.

It is claimed that the manufacturers are not persuaded that the Dixon’s are in love, head over heels. The producers are currently demanding that the Dixons get married at the beginning of season 6, or film discussions about growing their family. Juan wants a baby girl, Robyn has said.

For Season 6 of “RHOP.” producers are reportedly searching for two new housewives.

Producers are currently searching for substitutes with Samuels gone and Dixon’s contract unsigned.

The Brand of Jasmine claims that nobody wanted Samuels to leave. They were actually looking to see how things would turn out in Season 6 between Dillard and Samuels – and whether the cast would stay divided.

Dillard promised, however, that she would not be shooting again with Samuels.

Bryant also made it clear that around Samuels she did not feel comfortable, bringing a security guard to the reunion, and she shot with Samuels on the show during the final scene.

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“Potomac” needs to recast the role of Monique in the series.

Before Monique left, production was planned to follow the episodes of Monique and Candiace – are they going to reconcile? Is the cast going to stay divided? They need to explore new people now that she’s gone,” the source says to The Jasmine Brand.”

They hope that two more women will be added to the cast.

During season five, Wendy Osefo became a full-time housewife and is predicted to be back for her second season.

Dillard is close friends with the professor and political analyst and has relationships with Dixon and Bryant, too.

Osefo and Huger came clean during the reunion in Season 5 and vowed to make a fresh start.

Reportedly, Charisse Jackson Jordan still wishes to return to the series. During the first two seasons of the show, Jackson Jordan was a regular cast member. She returned as a friend to the series in the third season, but since then she has not acted in a similar capacity.

Jackson Jordan is eager to return and will go so far as to reveal her co-stars to win a spot, All About The Tea news.


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