‘RHONY’: Carole Radziwill says “As they were lined up for a tour, Capitol rioters were escorted into the Capitol”


Carole Radziwill of The Real Housewives of New York City, like many Americans, was appalled by the ease with which Trump supporters were allowed to storm the Capitol.

“I marched in June & was confronted w/ cops in full gear, ” Radziwill tweeted as the events unfolded. “We were not allowed to move past the 100s of barricades. It’s because I was protesting the injustice against black Americans. Yesterday, protesters were escorted into the Capitol as if they were in line for a tour.”

Hundreds of supporters of Donald Trump packed into the Capitol to impede and prevent the 2020 presidential election from being certified. With some of the law enforcement officers, the demonstrators were seen taking selfies.

They often strolled effortlessly through parts of the building that were normally off-limits to the general public.

Carole Radziwill would like to know what’s next,

“Yesterday Trump and his co-conspirators in the Senate and House tried to derail our democracy,” Radziwill tweeted the day after the assault. “It’s called sedition. It’s illegal. People are dead now. What are you going to do?”

Radziwill also pushed back against individuals who linked the Black Lives Matter demonstrations to the Jan. 6 incidents. Those who joined the protests at the Capitol insisted that the demonstrations were not violent.

This was in spite of the major vandalism and the death toll caused by the house. I’d like to hear from everyone who was angry that Autozone and Target were looted. What happened today must outrage you. If you’re not, you’d better check yourself,”I would like to hear from everyone who was angry that Autozone and Target were looted. You must be outraged by what happened today. If you are not, you had better check yourselves,”If you’re not, you’d better check yourself.

Make no mistake, white privilege on full show is what we’re seeing now in DC. https://t.co/M5qMzW9A4G- Carole Radziwill (@CaroleRadziwill) January 6, 2021 “RHONY”: Carole Radziwill admits she was advised not to “talk about the Bravo machine”

When someone insisted that cities were devastated over the summer, Radziwill asked for evidence. “Cities destroyed? Where? Nashville was destroyed by an armed white man who was warned police to make bombs, but again they did nothing. It’s a racial thing, if you can’t see that, you’re blind and deaf and dumb.”

Double standard reply

Black representatives and legislators said that when it came to how the Capitol takeover was done, there was a double standard. “When blacks protested and progressives protested peacefully, they were tear-gassed, they were arrested, they were shot at with rubber bullets. been They’ve shot with actual bullets,” Derrick Johnson, president of the national NAACP told USA Today. “We’ve been watching this all summer as people were peacefully demonstrating.”

The police at the Capitol were unprepared, inefficient and some were complicit.

They should all be held accountable,” Rep. Marcia Fudge said.

“There is a double standard.”A double standard exists.

Monitor who vandalizes and who cleans the “house of the people.” https://t.co/vjXFj0qBdX- Enrique Acevedo (@Enrique Acevedo) January 7, 2021 ‘The Undoing’: Does Andy Cohen assume that Grace Fraser will make a good “housewife”?

Radziwill tweeted that in the attack, Senator Josh Hawley was complicit. “Hawley knowingly spread lies and false information about the election. He is a co-conspirator in #Trump attempt to derail democracy. It’s sedition. It’s illegal. People are dead now. He has blood on his hands.”

“Among the NY Reps, she added, “@leezeldin @EliseStefanik are among the NY Reps who know they spread lies and misleading information about the election yesterday to help #Trump derail our democracy. It’s called sedition. It’s illegal. Now people are dead.

These two are accountable. What are we going to do?’


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