‘RHOBH’ fans say ‘they’re real,’ while Erika Jayne alludes to ‘supposed air crash victims.’


‘RHOBH’ fans say ‘they’re real,’ while Erika Jayne alludes to ‘supposed air crash victims.’

‘I refuse to give Erika the opportunity to explain herself after she used the phrase “alleged victims” in the first 10 minutes of this reunion,’ a ‘RHOBH’ fan commented.

The ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Season 11 reunion isn’t helping Erika Jayne change the public’s opinion of her in light of her suspected role in her separated husband and disgraced lawyer Tom Girardi’s money theft case. Within the first ten minutes of the reunion’s presentation, the housewife managed to irritate everyone by constantly referring to the families of the plane disaster victims as “alleged victims.”

In October of last year, an Indonesian Lion Air jet crashed into the Java Sea, killing all 189 passengers and crew members on board. A number of the crash victims’ families hired Tom Girardi’s business, Girardi Keese, to assist them in their quest to be appropriately reimbursed by Boeing for their personal tragedy. Tom Girardi took on the issue on his own and was successful in getting Boeing to compensate the victims’ families a large sum of money. Boeing sent the funds directly to the law firm. Despite the fact that the airplane manufacturer transmitted significant sums of money to the victims’ families as compensation, the families apparently only received a small portion of it. The victims’ families decided to sue Girardi for embezzling the money after multiple follow-ups and no response from the law company. As a result, the Girardi were accused of stealing money from orphans and widows in order to fund their extravagant lifestyle.

Brinkwire News’RHOBH’ actress Erika Jayne claims her husband Tom Girardi was ‘fu***ing’ judge Tricia Bigelow and paying her Saks expenses. What is the reason for the ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ star’s spousal support request? Along with Tom, Erika was dragged into the scandal after the lawyer allegedly put a large number of money in the housewife’s business. The question of whether Erika was aware of her husband’s financial affairs arose as a result of this. Many viewers began watching ‘RHOBH’ with an open mind, willing to give the housewife the benefit of the doubt, but after seeing her acts on the show, they swiftly altered their minds. Erika focused extensively on her own personal downfall and how she had to leave Tom’s mansion and move into a small house, etc., instead of exhibiting any sympathy or remorse for her husband’s acts towards the victims’ families. Fans were irritated by the housewife’s incessant complaints about being broke and her refusal to mention the victims.

For many admirers, though, the final straw came when Erika eventually addressed the victims, but used exceedingly terrible wording. The housewife kept referring to something. Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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