‘RHOA’: Ralph Pittman, the husband of Drew Sidora, admits that he never wanted to do a broadcast.


As a newcomer to RHOA, Drew Sidora is staking her point, but the actress and singer isn’t making the leap she wants. They are seeing Sidora’s marital crisis instead of fans watching Sidora in auditions and rehearsals.

Fans reproach Sidora’s husband for being cold.

Pittman’s latest interview indicates that he was not a fan of being on the show.

Fans express concern about how Ralph Pittman handles Drew Sidora on ‘RHOA’

For six years, Sidora and Pittman have been married and have three children, one of whom is from a previous relationship with Sidora. Unfortunately, there are serious communication and confidence problems for the pair.

In the premiere of season 13, Sidora confides in her co-stars that the pair frequently chat about divorce, mostly at the urging of Pittman. She also confronts Pittman about leaving town without speaking with his family for three days.

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The couple is trying to get marital therapy, and even that is a tragedy. As disinterested and insincere, Pittman comes across. Even when she gets emotional, he puts Sidora’s feelings aside.

Pittman is questioned by the counselor about having to punish his wife to get from her what he wants.

Fans of the series shared concern about Sidora while pilloring Pittman at the same time.

They accuse him of being controlling and manipulative.

I know this was taped and now Drew and Ralph are hopefully in a much better position, but watching is painful! Ralph is the worst kind of guy to me, literally, and he cares about all the wrong things.

Drew needs to be handled differently! #RHOA- IG: @tifanymichele (@coco virgo) January 5, 2021Ralph Pittman claims he never wanted to be on ‘RHOA’; blames depression and anxiety on his actions on the show;

Pittman doesn’t dismiss the criticism he has gotten on the show for his behavior. The IT guru was never a fan of competing in the reality show, ScreenRant notes.

But he reluctantly decided to join the cast to support the career of Sidora.

“I didn’t want to join [RHOA] at all. I didn’t want to do it,”I did not want to join [RHOA] at all. I didn’t want to do it. “But when my wife sat down and had our kids, I promised her that I would support her career no matter what she wanted to do.”

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Pittman also states that coping with anxiety and depression can be attributed to much of his behavior. Sidora acknowledges that her husband, after an Achilles tendon injury, helped her nurse herself back to health. Pittman states that after racial riots took place around the nation over the killings of unarmed black men and women, he suffered even more with anxiety and depression.

Depression and anxiety impact everyone differently, and it’s time to say, “Let me see what’s really going on with him. Let me see where his condition is,” he said of the case, “when those situations actually happen.”

“He continued, “There are tools you need to heal from some sort of trauma, and that’s what it was…. I didn’t have the tools to resolve [what I felt]. It was like, “I have to leave because I’m in crisis mode,” explained Pittman about his three-day decision to disappear.

Drew Sidora maintains she and Ralph Pittman continue to focus on their marriage

Despite the hiccups faced by the pair, Sidora says they remain in “active counseling.” She revealed on the show that they had previously attempted marital counseling, but were not consistent. Sidora now maintains that they are struggling for their marriage and that they are equally committed to Pittman.

Pittman told Andy Cohen during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, “We’re on this trip. We’re just doing the job.

And he’s opened up a little about his experience, as you’ve noticed, so there’s some trauma, as I heard from Coach Love.

And he lives on his own and is committed to marriage.

RHOA airs at 8 p.m. on Bravo every Sunday. EST. Est.


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