‘RHOA’: Drew Sidora confesses that Ralph Pittman’s husband ducked his family before


Fans are beginning to warm up to “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” with Drew Sidora.

Having starred in “The Game,” “CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story, Step Up and other films, the season 13 newcomer is no stranger to the entertainment world, but viewers will see a different side of the singer/actress on the show.”

Sidora and her husband, Ralph Pittman, caused a stir in the reality series when they argued without reason about Pittman leaving the family for days.

And Sidora shared recently that it wasn’t the first time.

Marriage on the rocks with Drew Sidora and her husband

Together with Sidora, on RHOA, viewers got to know her husband, mother and children.

The marital dynamic of the couple has been a topic of discussion since Pittman disappeared for three days without telling his wife, it was revealed.

He then returned without specifying his whereabouts. In addition, during his absence, he spied on his family with safety cameras.

He was labeled “toxic,” “mentally abusive,” and “manipulative,” by some fans, urging Sidora to abandon him.

After several other attempts, the Jan. 3 episode showed the couple in therapy, and Pittman shared that he has some unresolved trauma he needs to work through.

Sidora has shared news on social media that she and her husband are looking forward to 2021 and are on the path to recovery.

Tune in tonight! #rhoa #newepisode pic.twitter.com/81vSbQSlRs- DREW SIDORA (@DREWSIDORA) January 3, 2021 Newbie Drew Sidora from ‘RHOA’ shares her link to ‘RHOP’ Jamal and Gizelle Bryant

Drew Sidora acknowledged that, in the past, Pittman had run off.

Sidora was asked during a talk with Andy Cohen on “Watch What Happens Live,” if Pittman had disappeared from her family before, and she said yes.

But she painted a photo, claiming that the first time he had left town for several days was what fans saw on TV.

Cohen pressed for more details, and she admitted that in another incident, he went to the airport. “He was supposed to get on a Los Angeles flight, but he never actually got on the flight.” Sidora explained, “He came to his senses and came home. “But indeed, for several days, that was the first,” she clarified.”

She also announced that Pittman had just shocked the family with a beach trip.

The anniversary controversy was also discussed by Sidora

On their six-year wedding anniversary, some viewers had concerns about the aftermath of the couple’s fight. In that episode, Sidora walked away from the dinner table and locked herself in a room because she was frustrated with the actions of her husband.

She said it was very awkward during WWHL, and they didn’t talk that night, and it took them a few days to reconcile. The mother of Sidora helped them sort out problems. She said it was very humiliating for her to be seen on TV like that, and that moment was very difficult.

After their anniversary dinner battle, actress & #RHOA star @DrewSidora opened up about what happened. #WWHL pic.twitter.com/lk0ihxIuWD- WWHL (@BravoWWHL) January 4, 2021Sidora and Pittman confirmed that they were married months after they first met and dated. They revealed on the show that they had been married for six years and for six and a half years.

They have three kids, including a son from a previous relationship with Sidora.

Some fans assume that Sidora apologizes for the actions of Pittman and calls him out for pressuring her, but she continues to remain optimistic. Watch RHOA’s next episode at 8:00 pm on Sunday.

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