Review: The Arts of Findhorn Bay, Sound Horn, Castle Brodie, Forres, Four Stars


Bay Art Findhorn

Soundhorn Soundhorn

Castle Brodie, Forres

Bruce Keith

Four Sterne Stars

A half-dozen retro speaker horns have taken up residence around the central stone-paved sundial amid the dog rose’s rose hips, the flowering mushrooms underfoot and the cones forming on the ornamental firs of Brodie Castle’s Shrubbery Garden.

The sound-horn installation by artist Katie Anderson was first seen and heard last November at Pollok House in Glasgow, as part of Cryptic’s Sonica program. This installation was produced by that organization’s partnership with Findhorn Bay Arts as the first element of the organization’s alternative festival on the Moray Firth in September.

Anderson admits she is not an expert in sound design, but she has produced a very memorable first foray into sound art by using electronic sounds and her own speech and singing voice, and taking advantage of the resonances of the two copper and four aluminum horns. “Where do we go from here?”Where do we go from here?

Kresanna Aigner, director of the Findhorn Festival, is keenly aware of the tensions in her community between those who want an opening to tourism and residents upset about the arrival of RV convoys, so “soft” works and “things that make people feel safe” are on the agenda for next spring for an expanded program of one-time art events. Another artist, David Sherry, is already “in residence,” and she hopes that others who have participated in the canceled event this year will be able to adapt their work to the new format. The Sound Horn of Anderson is an auspicious start and emblematic of its intention.

Through Sunday, Aug. 23, 10 a.m. at Brodie Castle, Forres. By 4 p.m.


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