Review of ‘The Father Who Moves Mountains’: A tense thriller that keeps you fascinated.


Review of ‘The Father Who Moves Mountains’: A tense thriller that keeps you fascinated.

A distressed father does everything he can to locate his lost son.

There are some minor movie spoilers in this article.

The adventure film ‘The Father Who Moves Mountains,’ directed by Daniel Sandu, is available on Netflix. The Romanian drama tells the story of a retired intelligence officer who sets out to find his missing kid in the highlands. The 2021 thriller creates an indelible impression, just like some books, movies, and people do.

The drama joins the likes of ‘Dark,’ ‘Into the Night,’ and ‘The Murders of Valhalla,’ among Netflix’s enthralling foreign offerings.

‘The Great Heist,’ aka ‘El Robo Del Siglo,’ is reviewed by Brinkwire News. Netflix’s Colombian true crime show ‘The Great Heist,’ aka ‘El Robo Del Siglo,’ is your next binge watch. Explained: How did Chayo become the final robber apprehended? When his son Cosmin goes missing while on a mountain climb with his alleged girlfriend, retired intelligence officer Mircea is upset and filled with guilt and stress. When every door closes in on him, the man with a plan takes matters into his own hands, confronting a probable avalanche in the mountains and embarking into a risky rescue operation.

He is assisted in carrying out the procedure by some of his best-trained field colleagues. Mircea is repeatedly advised to stay home, but nothing can stop a strong and determined mind, and he prepares to look for his son.

To be honest, even once what happened is very evident, the first half of the story moves at a snail’s pace. The film depicts Mircea forcing his way into the rescue operations, which are led by professional Cristian Nistor (played by Valeriu Andriuta), who offers a hand and conducts his squad of seasoned mountaineers with skill and etiquette.

They work for days on end and accomplish nothing. Having said that, Cosmin and his girlfriend have been missing for four days, and any hope of their being found alive is dwindling by the minute.

Mircea solicits a large, illegal favor from the Romanian Intelligence Service, which is led by Major Filip, halfway through the film (played by Tudor Smoleanu). The professional team arrives completely prepared, including cavalry with tents, electronic equipment, helicopters, and trained soldiers. Mircea continues to believe that all is not lost; that his son is simply imprisoned someplace in the snow-capped mountains, thanks to their organized work ethic and perseverance. His unshakeable faith is the only thing that keeps the movie going until the finish. You can almost imagine what a reunion between them would be like.

The audience will be completely engrossed in the plot of the film. Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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