Reuben Owen of Our Yorkshire Farm issued a caution ahead of a new challenge.


OUR YORKSHIRE FARM star Reuben Owen was given a safety warning ahead of a new challenge he undertook on This Week on the Farm.

Our Yorkshire Farm star Reuben Owen joined This Week on the Farm once again and this time he tried his hand at lawnmower racing. In a first-look of Wednesday night’s episode, Reuben was seen being told not to fall off and be wary of faster competitors.

Reuben asked the instructor before setting off on the race: “Any tips on what I should watch out for?”

“Yeah, first, just don’t fall off!” he joked. “Second, there are a few fast guys out there, give them some space, I think you’ll be alright.”

As he set off on the race, the instructor commentated on his performance: “He’s not doing too bad! Currently running third.

“Come on, Reuben!” he shouted, cheering him on throughout the race.

Reuben lives on Ravenseat Farm with his mother Amanda Owen, father Clive and his seven siblings.

He has become a staple on their documentary reality series Our Yorkshire Farm as the family showcase how they balance everyday activities whilst running a farm.

Channel 5 viewers have been able to see all of the progress over the past three years, including second eldest Reuben.

Earlier this year, the 17-year-old decided he wanted to hone in on his skills at fixing things and decided to take on a mechanics apprenticeship.

He’ll be learning how to fix tractors and other mechanicals, which means he won’t be around to help out as much on the farm.

Speaking on his departure from Ravenseat, Clive expressed: “It’s going to be weird without my right-hand man.

“It’s good that he’s going, but I’ll miss him, it’s a bit steep, isn’t it.”

Fans were impressed with his appearance on Channel 5’s Summer on the Farm, where he was branded as a machinery “wizard”.

He had been tasked with repairing a 1909 potato picker that presenters were convinced wouldn’t be able to run again.

With the help of fellow mechanic Rob Hampshire, they managed to get the machine restored, up and running again.

Canon Hall Farm owners Rob and Dave were impressed with Reuben’s work and exclaimed: “It should be a museum piece! I never thought it would run again, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it digging in autumn!”

The latest episode of Our Yorkshire Farm left. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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