Respawn is revealed in Apex Legends update 10.1. The elimination of Tap Strafing will be detailed in the patch notes.


Respawn is revealed in Apex Legends update 10.1. The elimination of Tap Strafing will be detailed in the patch notes.

DEVELOPERS Respawn has revealed that one of the game’s most popular movement methods will be removed in the upcoming Apex Legends update.

Tap strafing will be eliminated from the game in the next Apex Legends update, according to PS4 and Xbox One fans.

The important news is that Tap Strafing is a movement enhancement technique employed by PC players.

It’s a terrific way to counter-attack a player who can’t employ the same technique as you.

Being able to pivot in mid-air allows you to win a lot more battles and isn’t considered an exploit.

While it is technically possible to do so with most input devices, the most convenient method is to utilize a keyboard and mouse.

It’s unclear why Respawn decided to make tapping strafe impossible, but players have been told that the change will be included in the forthcoming Apex update.

“After considerable thought and deliberation, we’ve decided to eliminate tap-strafing from Apex Legends in patch 10.1,” says Respawn.

“Our reasoning: It’s inaccessible, lacking in reading and counterplay, and made worse by movement abilities.

“A more extensive note regarding this will be included in the upcoming patch notes.”

The mouse’s scroll wheel makes things easier, and since controllers don’t have this feature, it appears that PC gamers will lose their crossplay advantage.

Many people haven’t heard of the tactic and have been arguing what the ban would mean for the game, with one fan speculating on what the ban might mean for the game:

“After much thought and deliberation, I’ve discovered that tap-strafing is a thing.

“Having just looked it up, it’s when you make a spin and keep your momentum by spamming w (or rebinding it to the scroll wheel). So you can run and then immediately turn around while maintaining your speed.”

“The issue is, you probably do care and simply don’t realize it,” another says. High-level players take advantage of this technology that most people are unaware of. This modification will be beneficial to you.

“I had the same thought as you. Since I’m on controller, I don’t have much of a voice in this, but it must be frustrating to no longer have that quick change of direction. Horizons receives an indirect bonus as well.”

We don’t know what else will be included in the next Apex Legends update, but we’re expecting it. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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