Reporter Shares Harrowing Details on Ground During Travis Scott Show Tragedy in Astroworld 2021.


Reporter Shares Harrowing Details on Ground During Travis Scott Show Tragedy in Astroworld 2021.

The “energy was off” during a performance by rapper Travis Scott, who organized the event with Live Nation, according to a journalist who attended the Astroworld Festival in Houston Friday night.

At NRG Park, there was a mass stampede near the end of the show, which killed at least eight people.

More than 300 people were hurt.

During a late-night press conference, Houston Fire Department Chief Samuel Pena called the incident a “mass casualty.”

Security and law enforcement had “things under control” early on, according to Mark Eilbert, who wrote a recap of the concert for HipHopDX.

It became more difficult for authorities as more people showed up, he pointed out.

“There was just a massive amount of people,” he said, by the time the concert started.

Around 50,000 people attended the concert, according to Pena, and the trouble started around 9 p.m. when people began pushing closer to the stage.

“People started falling out and going unconscious, which added to the panic,” Pena said.

According to Eilbert, some people without VIP bands were attempting to gain access to the VIP area.

“I first assumed they’d misplaced it or removed it, then assumed they’d broken the gate to gain access.

“The energy was strange; there were a lot of people who appeared to be uncomfortable,” Eilbert said.

“There’s a strange feeling in the air,” he said after seeing several people running through the VIP area’s fence.

Scott’s show got off to a good start, but about four or five songs in, Eilbert noticed a girl “who walked out in front of me crying, she said she couldn’t breathe, she felt like her ribs were breaking, and a bunch of people were trying to help, calming her down,” he told Billboard.

Scott tried to calm the crowd during the show, but he believes the rapper wasn’t fully aware of what was going on.

Drake then made a surprise appearance, and “everyone went insane,” according to Eilbert.

“When I got home, I started watching the videos and putting the pieces together from what I’d seen.

Eilbert told Billboard, “I’ve seen Travis perform a lot of times.”

“He was always putting on crazy shows.”

“However, this was the first time that the energy had gone out.”

Eilbert also tweeted about his Saturday experiences, pleading for a change in the way festivals are run.

“A massive…

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