Reportedly, Nelly unsuccessfully attempted to date Beyoncé


Beyoncé, once known by people as one of the world’s most attractive women, has naturally had many men competing for her affections. Over the years, we have heard a lot of stories about people who once wanted to date the singer “Dangerously In Love” – from legendary rappers to famous singers.

But did you know Nelly was trying, supposedly, too?

Find out all about his attempts and who he’s dating here right now.

How Beyoncé met Nelly

Apparently, through the music business, Nelly met Beyoncé in the early 2000s.

She was part of Destiny’s Child at that time and he was just celebrating the success of his debut single “Country Grammar.” In 2001, along with other acts such as 3LW, Eve and Jessica Simpson, he also went on tour with her party.

Nelly reportedly said he was excited to be on the road with so many “bad ladies.” speaking to MTV News about the tour. He also reportedly expressed interest in dating one of them, saying with a smile, “When it’s on and bangin’, it’s on and bangin’.”

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Reportedly, Nelly has her eye on Beyoncé

Nelly has reportedly “shown his interest in the R&B diva on several occasions in the media over the years.” the Atlanta Black Star reports.

“really loves.”really loves.

“He flirted with the “Baby Child” singer at an awards show on another occasion.

When Beyoncé said that all the ladies “say his name,” to which he amorously told her, “I hope you can say it.” the two were on stage.

But a friendship never seemed to materialize, to his chagrin.

Eventually, though he moved on to Ashanti, Beyoncé began dating Jay-Z, whom he dated for nearly a decade before they split up in 2012.

After their divorce, Ashanti says she hasn’t talked to Nelly; what caused their breakup?

Who is dating Nelly and Beyoncé now?

Beyoncé is now dating Jay-Z, whom she married in 2008 after a six-year relationship, as many people know. She and her collaborator, Bonnie & Clyde 03, are now parents of three children: the 8-year-old Blue Ivy and the 3-year-old Sir and Rumi twins.

For his part, Nelly is Shantel Jackson, the dating model, actor and social influencer.

The two have been dating since 2014 and, according to Nelly, are working towards marriage.

“I wouldn’t want Shantel not to be in my life,”I wouldn’t want Shantel to be in my life. “For five or six years, we’ve been seeing each other.

It works out in the long run if you can interact with someone like that. She’s sweet, beautiful and the more we have gotten to know each other, the more beautiful she’s on the inside.


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