‘Reluctance and nervousness,’ according to a body language expert Camilla continues to be a reluctant royal star.


‘Reluctance and nervousness,’ according to a body language expert Camilla continues to be a reluctant royal star.

CAMILLA, THE DUCHESS of Cornwall, and Prince Charles watched ‘A Starry Night in the Nilgiri Hills’ last night to mark the end of the #CoExistence campaign.

Camilla appears to be defining herself as a “partner and supporter of her husband first and foremost rather than a royal star in her own right,” according to a body language expert.

To reinforce the concept of coexistence with nature, the campaign #CoExistence organized an environmental art exhibition in London’s royal parks that featured over 100 elephant sculptures.

The Elephant Family, which held the dinner in Lancaster House yesterday night, is co-chaired by Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla.

Judi James, a body language specialist, discussed Camilla’s body language during the event yesterday night with This website.

Camilla, she claims, never fully accepts herself as a compelling solo performer.

Instead, she frequently seeks support from Prince Charles.

“Even after years in the spotlight, there is still a hint of hesitancy and nervousness in her nonverbal signals,” Judi explained.

“She appears more assured standing with Charles and imitating his gestures as they hunch slightly in towards one another to express a sense of mutual comfort than she does when she appears alone.

“Whenever feasible, Camilla seems to seek to shift attention back to him.”

Camilla spoke during the ceremony as the Elephant Family’s Joint-President, a non-profit organization founded by her late brother Mark Shand.

“My dear brother, Mark, helped found the charity Elephant Family in 2002 to conserve Asia’s amazing wildlife,” the Duchess stated.

“Londoners have had a rare chance to observe some of that species (although in static form) on the Mall, in Green Park, in St James’s Park, and in Berkeley Square over the previous several weeks.

“These majestic, life-size elephants have travelled – with a little aid – from the Nilgiri Hills of Southern India through the Cotswolds, to the heart of the city to raise awareness of the critical significance of human-animal coexistence.

“They serve as a timely reminder to all of us to live in harmony with nature, no matter where we are.”

Their Royal Highnesses later saw an outdoor showing of Sir David Attenborough’s narrated film “The Year Earth Changed.”

“Sitting in the audience, we can see Charles sitting in a more active participation stance with his program on his lap,” Judi James observed.

“However, Camilla.”


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