Release date, spoilers, trailer, and everything you need to know about James Wan’s horror film “Malignant.”


‘Malignant’ sees James Wan returning to the horror genre that made him an icon and tells the story of a girl having vision about brutal murders

James Wan is one of the most influential filmmakers of this generation and is responsible for bringing the horror genre back into mainstream cinema. The director garnered moderate recognition with the ‘Saw’ franchise and ‘Dead Silence’. However, it was ‘Insidious’ that brought him commercial success.

He became a household name with ‘The Conjuring’ franchise and gained universal recognition with those movies. After directing movies such as ‘Furious 7’ and ‘Aquaman’, Wan is finally returning to where he belonged. The Aussie filmmaker is coming out with his passion project titled ‘Malignant’ and is ready to scare the hell out of everyone.

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‘Malignant’ tells the story of a young woman named Madison (Annabelle Wallis), having terrifying visions about brutal murders taking place in the city. However, things get crazy when she realizes that these murders are actually taking place concurrently with her seeing them. What would she do to stop these murders from happening? And why is she having such visions? The answers to those burning questions will be given when the movie releases in theatres.

Here’s everything we know about the upcoming horror movie.

Release date and how to watch

The horror movie from James Wan will be releasing in theatres on Friday, September 10. The film will be simultaneously released on HBO Max for a period of one month. Viewers can download the HBO Max app from Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Meanwhile, the service is also available on devices such as Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, PlayStation, Xbox One, and more.


‘Malignant’ revolves around a young woman named Madison (Wallis), who is having horrendous visions about brutal murders. However, her world goes upside down when she comes to know that these murders are actually happening in different parts of the city. Upon realizing this, she becomes determined to find out her connection with these gruesome incidents and also, how an evil named Gabriel might also be responsible for what’s happening with Madison.


Apart from having an interesting premise, ‘Malignant’ also includes a great cast. The lead role of Madison will be played by Annabelle Wallis. The actress has been a part of the ‘Conjuring’ universe in the past and starred in the first ‘Annabelle’ movie in 2014. But this will be the first time that Wan will be. Brinkwire Brief News.


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