Release date, launch time, and Genshin Impact Codes for Genshin Impact 2.2.


THE Genshin Impact 2.2 release date will allow gamers to explore the final locations of Inazuma’s islands, with the launch time locked in for this week on PS4, PS5, PC and Mobile devices.

Developers Mihoyo has promised that there will be plenty of exploring to do after Genshin Impact 2.2 is released this week.

Tsurumi Island is a new location shrouded in mystery and fog, with new enemies lurking in its midsts.

The Rifthounds and the Rifthound Whelps are described as stealthy monsters from the Abyss which can turn invisible,

They will try and sneak around for the best opportunity to land a strike in combat, with both the Rifthounds and Rifthound Whelps boasting Electro or Geo attributes.

Mihoyo has added something else into the mix with the new enemy type, as Rifthounds will also cause Corrosion status to enemies.

When an attack hits a character, all party members will be affected by the Corrosion status and continually lose HP regardless if they’re shielded or not.

The bane of Tsurumi Island is unlikely to stop gamers exploring it though as there will also be a new seasonal event to exploit.

And that’s without mentioning the new five-star character re-runs featuring Childe and Hu Tao, and the brand new four-star character Thoma.

Thoma isn’t a new character as he accompanied you on your earlier quests, but this will be the first time the fixer will be available to use in your squad.

A message from Mihoyo provides more on what Thoma can add to your party, telling gamers earlier this month:

“Thoma is also a reliable teammate in combat, providing strong defence and buffs. Thoma wields a polearm and holds a Pyro Vision. His Elemental Skill Blazing Blessing can deal AoE Pyro Damage, apply Pyro to himself, and summons a defensive Blazing Barrier.

“When the Blazing Barrier is active, the amount of Damage Absorption it takes can stack if another Blazing Barrier is obtained again, refreshing its duration as well.

“With his Elemental Burst “Crimson Ooyoroi”, Thoma can help his teammates deal additional Pyro Damage to enemies. He even has a special Talent which grants successful fishing attempts in Inazuma a 20% chance of scoring a double catch.

“Last but not least, if you enjoy rhythm games, now is the time to play! In the Tuned to the World’s Sounds event, you will receive a. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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