Reed Richards, the Fantastic Four’s villain, gets a new evil twist from Marvel.


Reed Richards, the Fantastic Four’s villain, gets a new evil variant from Marvel.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Timeless (hashtag)1.

In Timeless (hashtag)1, a special one-shot that previewed many of the stories and events set to happen in the Marvel Universe this year, a terrifying variant of Reed Richards made his debut.

Since Jonathan Majors portrayed one of Kang’s variants, He Who Remains, in the season finale of the Loki Disney(plus) series, Kang the Conqueror has been popping up more and more.

The time-traveling Kang surveys many of Marvel’s 2022 events, including the Fantastic Four’s Reckoning War and the return of the Young Avengers and Thunderbolts, as the company leans into the multiverse.

We now have a nefarious Mr.

Fantastic has adopted the moniker of his most ferocious foe, Doctor Doom.

Because Kang the Conqueror and Victor Von Doom have been rivals for a long time, this is an appropriate development.

Kang takes Anatoly Petrov, a writer and lecturer on superhuman studies, on a time-travel adventure to see his various conquests in the hopes that Anatoly will crown Kang as the world’s worst villain instead of Doom.

Kang and Anatoly travel to the pirate timeline 20208-Manticore-Green, where they find slaughtered Celestials, after Kang detects a pirate timeline that is causing stress on the main timeline.

The person responsible for these deaths is a Reed Richards impersonator dressed as Doctor Doom.

The teaser for Timeless (hashtag)1 gave fans their first look at this Doctor Doom.

It appeared to be the ruler of Latveria at the time, but after reading the one-shot, we learn how the world collapsed and Reed Richards went insane trying to save it.

He even had the Time and Reality Infinity Stones implanted in his eyes.

Reed took the moniker Doom after accumulating so much power and bloodshed.

Reed Richards triumphed over Kang and the new Doctor Doom in a hard-fought battle.

Kang appeared to be about to die when Anatoly intervened, stabbing Doom in the chest with a spear.

Kang wonders why Anatoly would help him in a single combat situation when he knows Kang will kill him for the trespass.

Anatoly explains how Kang would have died anyway if ReedDoom killed him.

“You believe that in order to be the pinnacle of humanity, you must be superior to everyone else.

“You must put yourself first,” Anatoly tells Kang.


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