‘Really weird,’ says Matt Tebbutt, referring to Holly Willoughby’s strange eating habit.


‘Really weird,’ says Matt Tebbutt, referring to Holly Willoughby’s strange eating habit.

During Holly Willoughby’s debut appearance on Matt Tebbutt’s BBC cooking show, Saturday Kitchen, he made a cheeky dig at her odd food habit.

Matt Tebbutt made a triumphant return to television today, hosting a brand-new episode of his popular BBC One show Saturday Kitchen.

The 48-year-old chef greeted Holly Willoughby of This Morning, and the two quickly got to talking about her food heavens and hells.

Holly, 40, revealed a peculiar way she eats a certain type of seafood during their conversation, prompting Matt to retaliate.

For her debut appearance on Saturday Kitchen this weekend, the ITV presenter wore a pink jumper with the phrase Flower Power emblazoned on it and pink lipstick.

Holly opened up about why she can’t eat mussels in the daylight when Matt quizzed her on her food preferences.

“Anything seafoody I am not brilliant with,” Holly said when asked what food she didn’t care for. “But I like a mussel, but I have very specific rules.”

“I don’t want to look at them, so I have to eat them in the dark.”

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“So I’m allowed to eat them at night but not during the day.”

“I like the taste, but they can’t be too big, so everything is very specific.”

She explained that she’d be able to eat mussels in a dimly lit restaurant, and that it was “really strange.”

“You’ll notice later that I like the flavor, but I’ll say, ‘Don’t look down, just pop it in.’

“I tell myself not to look at it or else it’ll be game over and I’ll be unable to eat it.”

“But you like the taste right?” asked host Matt, who burst out laughing at Holly’s candid admission.

Holly paused for a moment before responding unconvincingly, “Well, sometimes.”

“You’re an odd one, aren’t you?” he teased.

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“Let’s all cook Chicken Kiev right now and forget about this thing,” Holly joked, as if she wanted to get away from the subject.

The This Morning host explained that the breaded chicken treat met all of her criteria.

“Chicken,” she continued.

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