Rashad reveals the character he was originally cast to play in Power Book 2.


Rashad reveals the character he was originally cast to play in Power Book 2.

POWER BOOK II: GHOST has finally returned to theaters, and Rashad actor Larenz Tate made a stunning statement before of the film’s opening.

The highly anticipated second season of Power Book II: Ghost debuted on Starz with an action-packed episode. Rashad Tate (played by Larenz Tate), who is making a reappearance on the program, spoke to express.co.uk about his controversial role and revealed who he was originally supposed to play.

Rashad was first presented to fans as a local politician in season four of the original Power series.

He had failed to secure a seat for the Governor’s office the last time fans saw him, in the hopes of earning more political influence in New York.

Rashad resorted to drinking away his sorrows after the loss, sleeping on his brother Kamaal Tate’s (Lahmard J. Tate) sofa.

However, despite the actor’s excellent performance, he was originally cast to play a different contentious character.

Larez continues, “Let me tell you a story.”

“I’ve been trying to find a way to collaborate with 50 Cent and Omari Hardwick, who plays Ghost in the original Power.”

“I got to meet Courtney Kemp, I was a great fan of the program, and I was cast to play a different role in the original season,” Larenz stated.

“I was meant to portray the character, Terry Silver, who was Ghost’s lawyer and fell in love with Tasha,” he added.

Terry Silver (Brandon Victor Dixon) made his debut appearance on Power as James ‘Ghost’ St Patrick’s lawyer in season four, but ended up producing additional difficulties for the kingpin.

Terry had a hot relationship with James’ wife, Tasha St Patrick (Naturi Naughton), that started while James was in prison.

He met his untimely fate at the hands of James after he succeeded in getting him out of prison.

James snuck up behind the two and brutally murdered him before leaving him to die in the boot of his own car after catching them kissing in the car park.

“I was abroad working, I couldn’t do it, it didn’t happen,” Larenz said of his inability to take the job due to schedule difficulties.

“I felt horrible that it didn’t work out on its own, and I really wanted to be on that show, so I contacted up the creator of the show,” he said.


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