Ralf Little of Death in Paradise shuts down a One Show star over a Neville Parker romance investigation.


Ralf Little of Death in Paradise shuts down a One Show star over a Neville Parker romance investigation.

Ralf Little, who played DI Neville Parker in the hit BBC drama DEATH IN PARADISE, was quick to put an end to The One Show host Ronan Keating’s line of questioning on Thursday’s show.

The 11th series of Death in Paradise, starring Ralf Little as DI Neville Parker, will premiere on BBC One on Friday, January 7.

Fans of the comedy-drama have a lot of questions, including what the future holds for Neville’s love life after he tried to spark a romance with Florence Cassell (Josephine Jobert) in the show’s Christmas special.

Actor Ralf did his best to keep spoilers hidden when teasing what was to come on Thursday’s The One Show.

Even answering one of host Ronan Keating’s questions bluntly was part of the deal.

Ralf was asked by Ronan: “Does your character finally find love?” after praising Death in Paradise’s newest sergeant Shantol Jackson, who joined Ralf via video link on the show.

The star of Death in Paradise took a deep breath before quickly avoiding the question.

He responded, “I’d love to try to think of a clever way to tell you something without giving anything away.”

“However,” Ralf added, “I’m not that bright.”

“As a result, I’ll have to leave you to watch it.”

When Ronan realized his line of questioning was going nowhere, he said, “OK, fair enough.”

The hosts then turned their attention to Shantol, who was interviewing via video link from Ghana.

Alex Jones chimed in, “Congratulations on landing the role, Shantol.”

“Death in Paradise is now hugely popular in the United Kingdom,” says the author.

“Did you know about it growing up, had you seen any of it?” Alex inquired, and Shantol revealed that she was a fan of the show long before she was cast.

“I did, thank you so much,” she began before exclaiming, “Hey, Ralf!” to her co-star.

“I did, so actually the first series, our local TV station in Jamaica aired the first season of Death in Paradise,” Shantol explained.

“Because it starred Ben Miller [as Richard Poole], my father and I used to watch it all the time when I was younger.”

“It was just surreal when I got the part,” she says.

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