Rain, cold weather, and a lack of enthusiasm are among the top 20 reasons for skipping exercise in the UK.


Rain, cold weather, and a lack of enthusiasm are among the top 20 reasons for skipping exercise in the UK.

Millions of adults take a “fairweather” attitude to fitness, citing rain and freezing conditions as primary reasons for not exercising regularly. Finishing work late, having other plans, and being hungover are among the top 40 reasons for not working out.

Food certainly has an effect, with one in ten of the 2,000 adults interviewed confessing to skipping exercise because they were too hungry, and 16% admitting to skipping exercise because they had just eaten.

However, the weather has an impact on three out of five people’s workout routines, with rain, chilly temperatures, snow, and darkness all topping the list.

People are most likely to invent an excuse to postpone exercise in the evening (35 percent), while a fifth will put it off first thing in the morning, according to the Spatone study.

“The research demonstrates how many people consistently lack both energy and enthusiasm to exercise,” Julia Cameron-Wallace, Spatone brand manager, said.

“Workouts can easily be thwarted by busy days, social engagements, and work responsibilities.

“It appears that the weather has a significant impact; maybe, with summer approaching, more people will be driven to exercise outside.

“We intend to provide people with the natural energy they need to slip on their sneakers and get moving,” said the group.

More than half of Brits are likely to make an excuse when planning to exercise on their own, according to the report.

However, three out of ten acknowledged to abandoning a planned workout with someone else.

Other common excuses for not exercising include a lack of ‘hair wash night,’ the need for new footwear, and a lack of room in their home.

Some people have even used their favorite TV show as an excuse to avoid exercising.

On the other hand, having nicer weather (39 percent), greater vitality (35 percent), and longer days would all stimulate people to exercise (24 percent).

In the summer, 30% of people exercise more than five times each week, while this number drops to 23% in the winter.

Working out with a partner (21 percent), listening to happy music (21 percent), and setting a goal (21 percent) were also among the top motivators.

People who skip a workout, on the other hand, feel guilty (39 percent), demotivated (27 percent), and sluggish (24 percent).


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