Queen’s Brian May is outraged after being cut off from a GMB interview, saying that he “should have been warned.”


Queen’s Brian May is outraged after being cut off from a GMB interview, saying that he “should have been warned.”

Fans of Queen frontman Brian May were outraged when his appearance on Good Morning Britain appeared to be cut short.

Martin Lewis and Kate Garraway of Good Morning Britain were thrilled to have Brian May onto the show to discuss the reissue of his track Back To The Light. However, Brian’s interview was cut short so Lorraine Kelly’s ITV show could be broadcast, so he didn’t have much time to discuss about the track or his new video.

“It’s kind of a narrative of trying to find the light and trying to find your optimism again,” Brian remarked of his new album.

“What was I thinking when I decided to release it? It does, however, parallel a lot of current events. Many people have gone through a dark period in their lives and are now trying to find their way out, to find a new version of themselves.

“It has a lot of significance for me because I am that man, I am still that guy with the same ambitions, dreams, grief, and everything else.”

Later, Brian encouraged people to watch his Instagram Live, which he has dubbed Bri-Tv.

“I’m inviting you everyone to join us on Bri-TV, if you have Instagram, if you do Instagram, go to Brian May For Real and you can be with me spasmodically and chaotically all day,” he encouraged viewers.

“Well, we’re going to run out of our own time, so folks can have more time on there,” Martin interjected. It’s a joy to speak with you, Brian.”

“We could chat to you for hours,” Kate continued, “but that’s it. It’s a beautiful album, and it’s lovely to have it re-released.”

Brian nodded as he acknowledged that his time on Good Morning Britain had come to an end, but viewers at home were not pleased.

“How can you conduct a two-minute interview with someone? One Twitter user raged, “Brian May should have been warned #GMB.”

“That was a short interview #gmb,” another added.

“They may have cut Brian off too soon, he hardly said anything #GMB,” a third added.

Brian also appeared on Sky News on Friday morning, when he discussed Back To The Light in greater detail.

Brian explained his reasoning, “It just had to be done because it wasn’t out there, that’s the basic explanation.” “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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