Queen Letizia’s ‘disciplined’ beauty routine: Every morning, the queen follows the identical process.


Queen Letizia’s ‘disciplined’ beauty routine: Every morning, the queen follows the identical process.

In all of her public appearances, QUEEN LETIZIA always looks lovely and has glowing skin. The monarch, on the other hand, takes regular care of her skin. How does she manage to accomplish it? Queen Letizia, 49, usually goes for a natural look with her cosmetics, resulting in flawless skin. But what is her mystery? Queen Letizia’s greatest concern, according to her former beautician Carmen Navarro, is sunspots.

According to Carmen, sunscreen is the most important part of her daily skincare routine.

Every day, Queen Letizia moisturizes her face for a healthy glow and radiance.

“Queen Letizia’s skin is nourished, protected, and glows with a radiance that is noticeable.

“”She is quite knowledgeable about her skin and follows a strict skincare regimen,” Carmen noted.

As a result, the Queen of Spain’s major skincare tip is to hydrate the skin every day and use sunscreen.

Dermatologists advise applying an antioxidant lotion in the morning and retinol and other anti-aging chemicals at night, particularly after the age of 40.

Former Queen’s beautician revealed: “Queen Letizia is stunning, but she has high expectations of herself.

“She is stunning, with flawless skin and captivating eyes.

“What occurs is that she is extremely self-disciplined.

“She was a regular customer at our center,” Carmen explained, “but I can’t say what we did.”

“But, in essence, what is done to all women based on the demands of the moment.

“The Queen is a great lady who is very demanding of herself yet charming with others,” Carmen explained.

Queen Letizia, according to the beauty expert, prefers organic skincare products containing plant extracts.

Carmen recommended facials that promote cell renewal to get your skin looking as flawless as Queen Letizia’s.

“We lose our radiance as we become older. “We can manage to renew and regenerate with a proper exfoliation,” Carmen explained.

“I recommend using masks to attain that luminous and great skin.”

She advised, “Take use of Fridays to rest and enjoy that moment.”

Another crucial factor for bright skin, according to Carmen Navarro, is vitamin C: “It is responsible for providing light to the skin.” It’s also one of your finest pals if your skin is weary and dull.

“There are supplements of pure vitamin C for your skin, which are great to apply before the typical routine, in addition to absorbing it through fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, citrus fruits, or strawberries.”


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