Queen Elizabeth enjoys her natural curls but is adamant about one hairstyle in particular.


Queen Elizabeth enjoys her natural curls but is adamant about one hairstyle in particular.

QUEEN ELIZABETH has had the same hairstyles for much of her life, with the exception of length and color. What is the process of making it?

With her exquisite clothes, jackets, and brooches, Queen Elizabeth is noted for her flawless style. Her hair is also a source of fascination for royal admirers, who are fascinated by how it has changed through time.

Elizabeth had her hair down and shoulder length when she was a young Princess.

Her natural hair appeared to be curly, and her daughter, Princess Anne, has the same hair texture.

The Queen’s rigid look has been preserved over the years thanks to her hair stylists.

The only difference is that she no longer dyes it and wears it in various lengths.

In 1990, the Queen stopped using a chemical called Chocolate Kiss to colour her hair, and within a few months, her hair had become grey.

As she has become older, the Queen has opted for shorter hair with two pronounced curls in the front.

Ian Carmichael, a London-based Scot, has been the Queen’s hairdresser for the past 23 years.

He is supposed to attend to his most famous customer at least once a week at either Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle.

But what is Her Majesty’s request?

The Queen’s hairdresser is fiercely loyal and has never discussed cutting the Queen’s hair in public.

Dame Esther Rantzen, a journalist, recently gave an insight into Her Majesty’s hairstyle.

“I met someone who was the Queen’s hairdresser, and he told that what she likes and insists on is that her hair is completely symmetrical,” she remarked.

“Her hair has to look the same from one profile to the next, so that no matter whatever side people are looking at her from, her hair always looks the same.” It is said that the monarch gets a perm to tame her naturally wavy hair.

The curls can endure for months, which worked in the Queen’s favor during lockdown.

The monarch reportedly styled her own hair during the first few months of the pandemic, when prohibitions were stringent.

“The Queen has done her own hair for years at Balmoral during her summer holidays and is used to it,” a source told The Sun at the time.

“She washes, dries, and sets it herself – and she is.”


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