‘Pure magic!’ exclaims the narrator. – Mrs. Hinch followers submit their “amazing” tips for dealing with scorched marks on the stove.


‘Pure magic!’ exclaims the narrator. – Mrs. Hinch followers submit their “amazing” tips for dealing with scorched marks on the stove.

BURNT markings on an electric stove can be difficult to erase, but a group of savvy cleaners have shared some “fabulous” solutions for removing the stains.

a sense of cleaning Mrs Hinch, whose true name is Sophie Hinchliffe, rose to prominence as a result of her ingenious methods. She has encouraged tens of thousands of others to start cleaning routines that work.

Her fans have already formed their own social media groups dedicated to sharing cleaning techniques to assist others in keeping their homes tidy.

One of the members of the group wanted to know how to get burnt markings off of an electric cooker.

One individual responded to the picture by saying, “Use soda and lemon combination to rinse it off, or soda and vinegar.”

“Brillo pad, trust me, it won’t scratch, and you won’t need any products,” said another. Then some clean rags to thoroughly cleanse it.”

“Hob Brite,” said a third person. It’s incredible.”

Another commented, “Pink Stuff, don’t rub too hard, then wipe off.”

“HG daily hob cleaner and a glass scraper,” one group member suggested. Also, every now and then, HG vigorous hob cleaner. It’s fantastic.”

One person described their method as follows: “Amazing hob cleanser, dry and buff with a microfiber towel, don’t use anything abrasive.”

“Bar Keepers Friend, absolute magic,” said one online user.

For £2.50, you can get Bar Keepers Friend from Wilko.

Another person advised scraping the burn spots using a glass scraper.

“Make sure you have the correct pans for your hob,” one individual recommended.

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“Warm plate, rub with kitchen roll and Hob Brite, buff up with micro clothe – no issue, everything falls off,” one individual said.

Another suggestion was to use Cif with a scourer.

One of the members of the group suggested that the scorched markings be treated with bleach.

“Magic sponge and make sure the bottom of the pan is clean and it shouldn’t produce a mark,” one individual suggested.

“Cif and a green sponge,” said another.

For £1, you can get Cif Original Cream from Tesco.

“Soapy water, then scrub with Hob Brite and a kitchen towel, then soapy water again, then polish with a soft dry cloth,” one person explained their cleaning method. It’s possible that you’ll have to do it a number of times.”

Pink Stuff and a Scrub Daddy sponge, according to one internet user.


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