‘Pull up the whole root,’ as the saying goes: how to get rid of’spreading weeds’ in the garden without using chemicals.


‘Pull up the whole root,’ as the saying goes: how to get rid of’spreading weeds’ in the garden without using chemicals.

GARDEN weeds can be a pain to deal with, and if left unattended, they can spread and cause bigger problems in the future.

According to Gardeners’ World, there are a variety of ways to deal with weeds.

The majority of the worst garden weeds emerge in the spring.

Others, such as weeds in the lawn, are a year-round issue.

Gardeners must ensure that the weeds are eradicated before they spread and become out of control.

Top tips for getting rid of them were shared by Gardeners’ World, including hoeing and pulling them up.

“Dig them up…Remove spreading weeds like couch grass with a garden hand trowel,” they said.

“When digging up perennials like bindweed or nettles, use a garden fork to dig deep and be sure to pull up the entire root, as small pieces left behind will sprout new weeds.”

The month of January is ideal for combating bindweed and eradicating it before the plants begin to grow.

Weeds can also be removed by hoeing.

“Hoe over bare areas of soil weekly to sever weed roots and create a dry surface that helps prevent weed seeds from germinating,” Gardeners’ World advised.

“Pick a dry day so that surface weeds dehydrate, wither, or die.”

Pulling weeds out is another easy way to help get rid of them.

After it has rained and the soil has softened, it will be easier to pull out complete root systems.

Scraping out weeds between paving gaps may be the best option.

“Scrape out weeds such as dandelions or meadowgrass between gaps in paving using a weeding tool or an old knife,” according to Gardeners’ World.

“Tease them out completely, roots and all.”

You could also use a residual path weedkiller to prevent weed growth in the future.”

Gardeners may have no choice but to use a chemical spray if they have a serious weed infestation.

Dry leaves can be sprayed or dabbed with this solution.

For more serious infestations, such as Japanese knotweeds, homeowners may need to hire a professional to help them get rid of the problem.

Weeds that grow on the lawn can be extremely irritating, especially during the winter.

“Hand weeding can be a very difficult task, and in some cases, such as dandelions, can actually worsen the weed problem,” Greensleeves MD David Truby explained.

“At Greensleeves, we use a one-of-a-kind system.

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