PS5 UK restock live alerts: HUGE week for drops at GAME, Amazon, Argos, and BT.


PS5 UK restock live alerts: HUGE week for drops at GAME, Amazon, Argos, and BT.

Customers who own a PlayStation 5 should have their browsers open and their wallets ready as multiple retailers prepare to restock the device.

The PlayStation 5 is back in stock at BT, but you’ll need a code to get one.

Customers who go to the BT website will be added to a queue for the PlayStation 5.

You’ll have ten minutes to complete your purchase once you’ve reached the PS5 stock page.

Customers should be aware that the consoles are only available online and not through BT’s call centers.

The company explains, “You are now in the PlayStation 5 queue.”

“Our site is much busier than usual due to the high demand for the PlayStation 5, so we’ve put you in a temporary queue.”

“If you came here from your BT account and have a valid code, you’ll be able to access the product page shortly.”

Check your BT account for a code if you don’t already have one.

“You’ll have 10 minutes to access the website when it’s your turn.”

GAME, Argos, and Amazon’s stock levels are all changing, and Express Online will keep this story updated.

The PS5 retailers can be found in the hub below.

In 2021, GAME was one of the best places in the UK to buy a PS5.

The PS5 Digital (£359.99) and PS5 Disc (£449.99) consoles are available individually from GAME, as well as in a variety of bundles that include accessories, games, and more.

This year, Argos has been the best place to buy a PS5 in the UK.

Customers have been able to pick up a brand new PS5 console from their local Argos store not long after placing their order, which is one of the best things about ordering a PS5 from Argos.

Argos, unlike GAME, typically sells only standalone PS5 consoles.

At Argos, the PS5 Digital console, which costs £359.99, is the cheapest PS5 purchase option.

Argos has previously offered same-day in-store pickup and home delivery with previous restocks.

In the United Kingdom, Amazon has been a great place to get the PS5 this year.

If you want to be first in line, you should update your Amazon Prime membership.

Because Prime members have “priority access” to PS5 restocks at Amazon UK, this is the case.

Very much so.

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