PS5 stock at Argos: Disc and digital consoles will be available to purchase next week.


PS5 stock at Argos: Disc and digital consoles will be available to purchase next week.

THE PS5 may be available for purchase at Argos next week, with both Disc and Digital consoles expected to be restocked.

During the previous week, the high street retailer was rumored to be taking PS5 orders. Stock trackers indicated that orders for the PS5 at Argos will resume between August 3 and August 6. While Argos received shipping of its latest batch of PS5 stock around this time, orders aren’t slated to open again until the week of August 9th.

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According to the @PS5UKStock Twitter account, orders for the PS5 could resume at Argos on Tuesday, August 10.

“News: We can confirm Argos Hubs are completely stocked with #PS5 units but won’t be dropping tomorrow,” the PS5 stock tracker tweeted on Thursday.

“Based on previous experience, the ‘earliest’ order in date on the system predicts it will go live on the morning of August 10th. This is not a guarantee, and it is subject to change.”

And the stock tracker for the PlayStation 5 was correct. The Argos website and app did not open orders for the PS5 today (Friday, August 6).

Surprisingly, the PS5 has returned to stock on Argos’ eBay page.

On the Argos eBay store, a modest supply of the Disc console was available.

Following the incident, the @PS5UKStock Twitter account tweeted: “Argos update.

“We’ve been told that the Argos drop next week will include Digital consoles as well, but quantities will be limited.

“On this bizarre eBay listing, which had some but limited success, no comment was made.”

“Looking like an Argos delay,” said the @PS5StockAlertUK Twitter account. It’s possible that this is due to new stock arriving overnight. As a result, we may see a decrease early next week. However, now that we know they’re ready to go, that’s great news!”

Aside from Argos, GAME may be releasing another PS5 refill in the near future.

Recently, the GAME website was updated to reflect additional PS5 buying choices that will be available for pre-order.

There are 27 PS5 purchase choices mentioned online, with all pre-orders having an August 20 release date.

The GAME website lists standalone PS5 Disc and Digital consoles, as well as bundles.

Click here to see GAME’s selection of PS5 consoles and packages.

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