PS5 replenishment in the UK LIVE stock alerts: The GAME stock plunge kicks off the Christmas countdown.


PS5 replenishment in the UK LIVE stock alerts: The GAME stock plunge kicks off the Christmas countdown.

Customers are scrambling to get their hands on a PlayStation 5 console in time for Christmas in the United Kingdom.

As the holiday season approaches, GAME has restocked PS5 consoles.

Customers will need to move quickly to get a PlayStation 5 console, as they are in short supply.

This is why Express Online will be hosting weekly live blogs in order to give you the best opportunity of snagging a PS5.

If you’re looking for a PS5 right now, your best bet is to go to the GAME website, where a PlayStation 5 stock drop is currently taking place.

A GAME post reads, “This morning we will be going online with a range of PS5 consoles and bundles.”

“We use a queuing system to make the procedure as seamless and fair as possible for our consumers due to the high volume of traffic.

“Any additional orders will be cancelled within 24 hours if you try to order more than one console.

“Please contact your local GAME store to explore your options if you are unable to get a console online.”

Customers who are unable to purchase a PS5 online should contact their local store for walk-in orders or log in during the following 24 hours to check for cancelled stock.

Below are some more PlayStation 5 shopping suggestions.

Click here to see GAME’s selection of PS5 consoles and packages.

• Get to know the bundles so you’ll know which one to go after first: Obscure bundles are easy to get by, but standalones are nearly impossible to come by. [GAME]• As soon as you’re alerted, click over to your first bundle of choice as quickly as you can to join the line. [GAME]• If you try to checkout and it says it failed, it implies the bundle is currently out of stock. So return to the packages and select another. [GAME]• Checking out too many items too soon will result in a 30-60 second timeout, so take your time. If this happens, simply wait a few moments and try again. If you already have an account with the retailer, log in.

• Whenever possible, use various devices: a desktop browser, a laptop, a tablet, and a smartphone.

• If the shop offers a specialized app, download it and use it to buy a PS5.

• If feasible, sign up for retailer stock alerts. Users can register their interest on sites like ShopTo.

• Keep an eye on the stock market with “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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