PS5 replenishment in the UK: Following an Amazon delay, GAME has announced a September refill.


PS5 replenishment in the UK: Following an Amazon delay, GAME has announced a September refill.

Following a delay to a recent Amazon prediction, GAME seems likely to provide additional PS5 stock in the UK next month.

PlayStation 5 systems will be back on shelves in September, with restocks expected in the next weeks at key retailers.

Amazon was supposed to be one of the first major UK retailers to supply the PlayStation 5 this week, but it appears that fans will have to wait until next month.

According to recent sources, GAME and Amazon UK will be refilling PlayStation 5s in the next weeks, with thousands of consoles available for purchase.

GAME could be preparing for a large cargo to arrive before the middle of the month, based on what has been revealed thus far.

That implies the retailer won’t have any PS5 stock available next week, although its pre-order page could be live before September 15.

PS5 Stock UK, a tracker account on Twitter, published the most recent information on the subject this week, advising console hunters:

“The PS5 console listings on GAME’s bundles page have been changed with a revised release date of 17/09, indicating a likely pre-order availability between September 7-9.”

It should be noted that for the time being, this is just a prediction, and should be treated with caution until we hear more from GAME.

Another company linked to a likely supply decrease this week was Amazon UK; however, it now looks that this will happen around the beginning of September.

“We’ve noticed that the little shipment issue GAME faced two weeks ago has also affected other shops, which is why just GAME dropped last week,” says a follow-up statement on Twitter from PS5 Stock UK.

“It appears that the rest of the market has been impacted marginally as well, as there was no Amazon decline today. It’ll be next week if it’s not tomorrow.”

Another major retailer, Currys, surprisingly announced a PS5 stock upgrade this week, though only in-store.

They’ve published a list of stores that have replenished next-gen consoles, and it’s worth checking it out on the Currys website to see whether yours is among them.

Unfortunately, this recent Currys upgrade is only applicable to in-store transactions and does not apply to online sales.

It’s important to know when a PS5 refill is coming, but it’s also important to know how each shop handles shipments.

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