PS5 game news: The Abandoned Trailers app may soon release a new teaser.


PS5 game news: The Abandoned Trailers app may soon release a new teaser.

In the next days, PS5 owners may get a better idea of what the enigmatic horror game Abandoned is all about.

Abandoned is a PS5 exclusive that will be released in Q4 2021, as announced earlier this year. Fans have speculated that the game, developed by Blue Box Game Studios, is actually a hidden Silent Hill project in disguise since it was initially announced. While the game’s creators, Blue Box, a newcomer to the industry, have consistently denied any ties to Konami or the Silent Hill brand, postings from the developer’s Twitter have fueled expectations that there is something to this notion.

Abandoned’s big reveal is coming soon, and PS5 users got a step closer to learning out what the game is all about last month when the Abandoned trailers app was released.

This is the only app of its kind to illustrate what Abandoned looks like when played on actual PS5 hardware rather than collected footage.

The app hasn’t displayed anything so far, but it is expected to change soon.

Blue Box Game Studios earlier announced that an introduction teaser for the Abandoned trailers app would be released on August 10.

“The Realtime Experience app will be released in Japan on August 10th together with the introduction of the Abandoned app,” the official Blue Box Game Studios Twitter said in the run-up to the Abandoned app’s release on the PlayStation Store (Opening Teaser).

“Due to legal constraints in Germany, the app requires PS Plus membership. On July 29th, a pre-load will be available.”

So, in the following days, the Abandoned app might reveal a little more about the enigmatic PS5 horror game.

The tweet stating the August 10 date – which has since been deleted – is the only caveat to all of this.

The reason for this is unknown, so we’ll have to wait and see if the previously stated debut date for the introduction teaser is still valid.

Blue Box earlier stated – in another now-deleted tweet – that the first trailer would be released “later” in August, following the August 10 announcement in the trailers app.

“We’re thrilled to announce that the Abandoned Trailers App will be available to preload free of charge for all PS5 users on July 29th, with the introduction available on August 10th, followed by the first trailer.”Brinkwire Summary News”, according to the post.


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