PS4 and PS5 owners weigh in on the September 2021 free games leak.


PS4 and PS5 owners weigh in on the September 2021 free games leak.

A NEW PS Plus September 2021 leak has appeared, with PS4 and PS5 users expressing their delight with the information.

According to a fresh PS Plus September leak, two new PS4 titles and one PS5 exclusive will be unveiled later this week.

According to a fresh leak, Overcooked! Hitman 2 and Predator: Hunting Grounds will be released on PlayStation 5, while All You Can Eat will be available on PlayStation 4.

Sony has yet to confirm this, but it won’t be long before we find out the whole story.

The official announcement will be made on September 1st, and will include a complete list of free titles that will be accessible for download on PlayStation platforms.

The fact that it was released by a reputable source, Dealabs, is the reason why gamers are taking this latest leak so seriously.

Dealabs has a good track record of breaking PlayStation Plus news first, so these are likely to be the games revealed on Wednesday.

And, having learned of the rumored lineup ahead of time, PS4 and PS5 console owners have been arguing whether it is a good one.

According to a new Reddit poll, the majority of gamers are pleased with the PS Plus September announcement.

The poll looks to have ended, with a few hundred votes remaining for those who would play one of the new games.

“Interesting, honestly, it being offered this month is fantastic since it’s one of those games that I wouldn’t buy but would play if I received it for free,” one user said of the Predator Hunting Grounds inclusion.

“I appreciate it when there are games that I wouldn’t pay for but wouldn’t mind trying out if they were free. It’s just that there haven’t been many of those recently.”

“On the one hand, it’s a gritty stealth puzzle game about eliminating your targets, ideally in the most effective methods possible,” another says of Hitman 2.

“On the other side, when dressed as a clown, you can beat these victim to death with a raw fish and then get into a fistfight with a flamingo costume who caught you in the act.”

The following are descriptions for all three games so you can decide whether or not to download them:

Hunting Grounds, Predator “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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