Property: How did a couple save £27,000 on a three-bedroom house with “great views”?


Property: How did a couple save £27,000 on a three-bedroom house with “great views”?

A COUPLE has described how the stamp duty holiday saved them £27,000, allowing them to purchase a home they “really liked” with “wonderful views.”

Dom and Jo Turnor were able to purchase a newly constructed four-bedroom home because of the stamp duty holiday, which allowed homebuyers to pay no tax on the first £500,000 of a property’s price. The couple is one of three families who have told how they were able to save thousands of pounds by moving during the tax holiday.

Dom and Jo Turnor inspected a property near to where they lived after looking for a house with more space, but it was too small and out of their price range.

The couple and their two daughters, ages 13 and 17, went to see a four-bed property in Worcestershire that had “wonderful views” that they “really liked” after seeing another home on the market.

Dom and Jo were able to purchase the property last year thanks to a stamp duty holiday combined with a price decrease.

“We sold our house in a week to cash buyers, and because we were buying a new construction, there was no higher chain,” Dom explained.

“We liked having a say in how the new house turned out, and the kids were especially pleased to have their own bathrooms.”

Daniel Cartland and his fiancée, Fiona, were another pair who took advantage of the stamp duty vacation to purchase a new home, saving £7,000 in the process.

The couple, who were renting a flat in Clapham Common, South London, purchased their first home in Maidenhead, Berkshire, a three-bed semi-detached house.

Daniel, 27, explained, “We were living in a modest one-bedroom flat in Clapham Common, which was completely fine until lockdown, when we both started working from home.”

“Because both of our jobs require us to be on call for the most of the day, I had to work in our bedroom while my girlfriend worked in the living room. I couldn’t turn off from work when I went to bed.”

The couple chose Maidenhead since that was where they grew up.

“We wanted somewhere where we could afford to have a garden for our dog because a lot of our family and friends are still there. Nonetheless, I’m traveling into London, where we both work.”Brinkwire Summary News.”


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