Property expert on what buyers should ‘avoid’ before purchasing a home.


Property expert on what buyers should ‘avoid’ before purchasing a home.

A REAL ESTATE expert has revealed what buyers should “avoid” before purchasing a home.

If buyers don’t do certain things, “sellers might move on,” according to the real estate expert.

Purchasing a home is one of the most significant financial investments a person will make in their lifetime.

A property purchase can be derailed by a variety of factors right up until the day of closing.

To avoid disappointment, buyers must exercise extreme caution and ensure that the transaction does not become disrupted.

Buyers must keep their personal finances in order to remain a viable candidate for borrowing money.

Thomas Goodman, a property expert at, has shared his advice on what buyers should “avoid” doing before purchasing a home.

During the purchase of a home, a credit score is extremely important.

It’s a “CV that lenders use to assess your ability to maintain repayments,” according to Mr. Goodman.

A bad credit score can cause a mortgage application to be turned down.

Before applying for a mortgage, buyers should check their credit score to see if there are any errors that could affect their chances of getting approved.

While buying a home, buyers should avoid changing jobs.

Lenders will examine a buyer’s employment history to determine whether or not they are financially viable and dependable in making loan payments.

“Changing jobs before obtaining a loan makes you a weaker candidate to the lender,” Mr Goodman explained.

“Without a steady income, you’d be seen as insecure.”

It can be tempting to begin shopping for new furniture, furnishings, and appliances as soon as you move into your new home.

Buying them on credit, on the other hand, can affect a buyer’s credit score and “hinder” loan approval.

The majority of sellers will require a pre-approval letter with an offer to ensure they are dealing with a qualified buyer.

The housing market is currently extremely competitive, which means that a buyer who does not obtain pre-approval may lose out to another buyer.

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To avoid feeling “disappointed,” always look at houses with a pre-approval in place.

The electoral roll is one of the quickest ways for a lender to verify a buyer’s identity, so it’s crucial to register.

“Without this, your application may take longer to process, and.” Mr Goodman explained.

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