Property: Do-it-yourself hacks that can save you hundreds of dollars by only using one material.


Property: Do-it-yourself hacks that can save you hundreds of dollars by only using one material.

DIY tips may save homeowners hundreds of pounds while also making their homes look extremely elegant and opulent. DIY gurus have now discussed how to save money on home renovations by using only one material for a variety of projects.

Stainless steel, brass, and copper finishes are frequently expensive. They may, however, instantly give a home’s interior a unique, smooth, and luxury appeal. Using copper, brass, or aluminum sheets to add style to your area is a terrific method to do so quickly.

Aluminium sheets may be used to make a sleek splashback for about £12.

Warm metals like copper or brass, according to Paul McFadyen, Managing Director of metals4U, may make a property look more contemporary.

However, if you want a cleaner look, aluminum is a good option.

“Aluminium sheets are a terrific substitute for stainless steel since they appear almost identical but cost a fraction of the price,” he continued.

“Depending on the size you require, it might cost roughly £12 to add, which is a significant savings over other options available.

“They are low-maintenance and simple to clean.

“Combine them with matching silver door handles and knobs to embrace the motif and tie the area together.” Islands may give a new depth to a kitchen and are very luxury, therefore they can be costly.

A black wood island with a granite top can cost up to £1,444.

Instead, Paul claims that you can acquire the look for 10% of the price.

According to the DIY expert, a plain wood island frame can be purchased for £50 and Mill Finish brass metal sheet can be used on the island’s sides.

“It’s a subtle technique to add extra texture to the area and looks incredibly premium,” he added.

“The matte finish looks amazing while also covering any smudges or fingerprints.

“This style looks great when matched with matching kitchen items like these velvet chairs with brass legs.” Shelves are a handy method to store books and ornaments, but they can be monotonous.

On their Instagram feed @littleedwardian, home interior influencers Reece and Paul demonstrated how they jazzed up their shelves.

The Instagram account, which gives suggestions on how to create a magnificent, Edwardian home in South East London, documents the refurbishment of their stunning Edwardian property. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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