Property: An expert provides a cool-down tip using wet towels during a heat wave.


Property: An expert provides a cool-down tip using wet towels during a heat wave.

Keeping your home cool during a heat wave, especially in cities, can be difficult. An expert has now given a brilliant tip for keeping your home cool: use a wet towel.

As the country’s heat wave persists, properties around the country have become humidification hotspots. Those who live in crowded cities with sun-facing windows are more likely to be affected. Deyan Dimitrov, laundry guru and CEO of Laundryheap, has offered a simple hack employing wet towels to keep your home cool if you’re searching for a cheap, smart solution to keep your home cool.

The hack is not only simple, but it also does not cost anything.

Mr Dimitrov explained that the process entails hanging cold, damp towels at critical entrance points such as windows and doors throughout the house.

Any clean towel dipped in cold water or a newly washed towel would suffice.

The contained chilly water will evaporate from the towels’ surface, cooling the air that circulates around the house.

It’s the ideal approach to keep your home cool if you don’t have access to air conditioning or fans.

When it comes to towel preparation, there are two things to keep in mind:

When hanging towels in the sun, choose light-colored towels to limit the amount of light they absorb.

Before you hand up your towels, make sure they’re clean.

Your home could be filled with the smell of wet and must if they aren’t clean.

Mr Dimitrov advises that you wash our towels well before dipping them in the chilly water.

You can, however, add some essential oils inside your softener compartment for an added aroma boost.

To make your room even cooler, place fans close to your towels facing inwards, which will assist circulate the cooled air.

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This is a terrific method to provide a fresh breeze to your home on a particularly humid day.

To keep the cool air system running, replace your towels on a regular basis with new ones that have been chilled.

Make careful to give yourself at least four hours between changes.

Another quick option to use your towels is to freeze them.

After soaking the towels in cold water, roll them up and store them in a sandwich bag in the freezer for about an hour. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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