Property: A television architect reveals the “best” technique to plan an addition at a “fraction of the cost.”


Property: A television architect reveals the “best” technique to plan an addition at a “fraction of the cost.”

ARCHITECT Gabrielle Omar has revealed the “best” method for planning an addition at a “fraction of the expense.” Adding an expansion to your home might be pricey, so Gabrielle advises that you assess what you already have first.

Adding an extension to your home is a terrific method to increase the value of your home while also providing additional living space. An extension may offer a myriad of benefits to a home, whether it’s for an extra bedroom, an ensuite, an office, or a larger kitchen. However, depending on the form of your home, such a renovation can be costly and unnecessary.

Chartered architect and director of architect design firm Spot This Space, has offered her knowledge with homeowners wishing to cut costs on a house extension.

Gabrielle is introducing a new property series called Quick Little Builds, in which ambitious Britons attempt to build their dream home.

From tree houses to home offices, double decker buses, and horse boxes, Gabrielle, a presenter and architect, encourages and advises these families as they embark on unique projects.

Gabrielle also looks over their plans, providing expert advise, inspiration, and tips while they work on their projects.

Gabrielle talked to This Website exclusively on what to think about if you’re thinking of adding an extension to your home.

“It’s usually best and cheapest to re-look at your present plan before you consider any kind of extension,” she said.

“A lot of the time, people will think, ‘We need more space, so we’ll undertake a loft conversion or an extension,’ and it will cost a fortune.

“However, if they rearranged their house’s floor plan, they’d see that if they just moved that partition, installed that extra door, and opened it up, they’d be able to make greater use of their space.

“It’s actually a complete interior makeover for half or a quarter of the cost.”

Gabrielle advised looking at what you already have and your layout “always.”

“Most of the time, you’re having issues with your present layout,” she continued.

The TV host and architect said she recently saw a home with “too many rooms” on the ground floor.

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