Professor T cast: Who stars in ITV’s Professor T?


Professor T cast: Who stars in ITV’s Professor T?

PROFESSOR T is an upcoming ITV detective drama series. But who is in the latest crime thriller’s cast?

Professor T is a remake of the same-named Belgian series. ITV and PBS have reimagined the show and transferred it to the United Kingdom, with a British cast. But who will play the lead in the upcoming drama?

Professor T will premiere on ITV this month (July 18), and the network commissioned the show in the hopes of replicating the three-part Belgian adaptation’s success.

The new program maintains the essence of the original, with the characters being relocated from Antwerp to Cambridge.

The Professor is caught up in an inquiry following an attack on the university campus in the first episode of the six-part series.

The series will also premiere on PBS in the United States on July 11th.

Ben Miller – Professor T

Professor T, a.k.a. Professor Jaspar Tempest, is played by Ben Miller.

The Professor is a brilliant Cambridge University criminologist who suffers from OCD and assists the police in a variety of instances.

Miller expressed his delight to play Professor T to RadioTimes, saying, “Professor T has it all.”

“Interesting murders, dreaming spires, and a cast of intriguing individuals, each with their own unique secrets,” the actress continued. It doesn’t take a professor in criminal psychology to figure out that the ITV audience will enjoy it.”

Miller has been in scores of films and television shows, so fans will recognize him from a variety of ventures.

Miller also starred in Bridgerton as Lord Featherington and had a surprise appearance in Death in Paradise as his old lead role, DI Richard Poole.

Emma Naomi – Lisa Donckers

Throughout the series, Detective Inspector Lisa Donckers will be accompanying the Professor as he grudgingly examines a few crimes.

Lisa is a former student of the Professor, and she is the one who contacts him at the beginning of the episode.

Emma Naomi, another Bridgerton star, portrays Alice Mondrich in the part.

Naomi has been keeping fans updated on the program via Instagram, where she recently shared a photo of herself on set as Lisa with the comment “Lisa Donckers.” Y’aaaalll!”

“I liked the show, you were divine!” one fan exclaimed. The cast seems to be on the same page.”Brinkwire Summary News.”


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