‘Problems are just getting started,’ says Simon Calder, who warns of ‘danger’ as travel restrictions loosen.


‘Problems are just getting started,’ says Simon Calder, who warns of ‘danger’ as travel restrictions loosen.

SIMON CALDER has been talking about the latest travel news and Portugal’s new laws. He considered that the country was “taking chances” by allowing Britons to enter.

Simon Calder appeared on the BBC to address the “risks” that countries and vacationers are taking as a result of the new travel laws.

“Every country that enables people from more infectious locations to come in is taking a risk,” Simon explained, “and the UK is right up there with the US in terms of infection rates.”

With the UK currently having far higher infection rates than the rest of Europe, countries that allow Britons to enter with minimal restrictions are taking a risk in order to enhance tourism.

Simon even went so far as to declare that Europe was far safer than the United Kingdom.

“I would be lot safer in Portugal, Greece, Spain, Italy, or France than I would be in the UK due of the considerably lower frequency there,” he believed.

The goal of the European Union’s loosening of travel restrictions was to get Britons “out there.”

“Many European nations are looking at competitive relaxing of travel restrictions in order to lure Britons out there,” Simon added, despite the fact that the UK is far ahead of Greece, France, Portugal, Spain, and Italy in terms of infection rates.

Following the revelation that Portugal would no longer require unvaccinated Britons to enter the country, the travel expert appeared on the BBC.

“Portugal has just relaxed the quarantine regulations for unvaccinated travelers,” Simon explained.

“All passengers flying in, whether vaccinated or not, will be subjected to a test, but you will not be required to self-isolate.”

The new restrictions “apply to persons who have not been vaccinated,” which “goes against the trend.”

The restrictions, both in the UK and abroad, are, nevertheless, quite complicated.

This is an issue that Simon brought up, noting, “Oddly, if you fly into Spain and then travel to Portugal by rail or road, you don’t have to take any tests.” It only goes to highlight how complicated the regulations are.”

In Europe, Portugal stands apart.

It is one of the few countries that does not allow vaccinated persons to enter without first passing a test.

Greece, Spain, and France are allowing double-jabbed Britons to enter their countries without being tested.

“Interestingly, we’ve had 28 departures from here today, with a dozen heading to Spain, another eight to Greece, and only three to Portugal,” Simon remarked.

“People are voting with everything they have,” according to Brinkwire Summary News.


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