Priscilla claims that Elvis Presley’s spirit resides in Graceland, claiming, “Trust me, I feel him.”


Priscilla claims that Elvis Presley’s spirit is “living in Graceland.”

ELVIS PRESLEY’S 87th birthday was commemorated today at Graceland, where his ex-wife Priscilla Presley gave a “bittersweet” speech in his honor, but claimed it’s “honest God’s truth” that The King’s presence is still felt 45 years after his death.

Elvis Presley fans will remember 2022 as the 40th anniversary of Graceland’s public opening, the 65th anniversary of the star’s purchase of the Memphis mansion, and the 45th anniversary of his death at the age of 42.

Fans gathered outside the house for the annual proclamation ceremony and cake cutting on what would have been his 87th birthday.

Priscilla Presley, his ex-wife and mother of his only child Lisa Marie Presley, gave a moving speech in which she claimed to be able to sense Elvis inside Graceland.

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Following speeches by Elvis Radio’s DJ Argo, Jack Soden, CEO of Elvis Presley Enterprises, and Kevin Kane, President of Memphis Tourism, Priscilla took the stage in front of a crowd of fans.

“Y’know, it’s bittersweet for me to be here in front of Graceland,” the 76-year-old, who was married to The King from 1967 to 1973, said.

I still can’t believe he died 45 years ago.

I believe he is still present.

He’s still with me.

When I visit Graceland, I sense his presence.

It is the truth of God.

I know he’s there! Trust me, I know he’s there!”

“Elvis was an image, to be sure.

However, you must get to know him as a person, as the man he truly was.

[He] was a lot of fun…his humanity was touching and true.

I’m certain I’ve never met anyone quite like him.

He was special, one-of-a-kind, and he was here for a reason.

“Yes, he is!”

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“I’m still in awe that you’re here supporting and keeping his legacy alive, and that’s not going to stop…and we’re keeping him alive because guess what? He’s gonna get it, and we’re gonna make,” Priscilla continued.

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