Prior to Louise’s departure, Dan Walker welcomes a new colleague to BBC Breakfast: ‘Way to go!’


Prior to Louise’s departure, Dan Walker welcomes a new colleague to BBC Breakfast: ‘Way to go!’

Ahead of his co-host Louise Minchin’s departure later this year, Dan Walker was eager to welcome a new member of the BBC Breakfast team.

Dan Walker, 44, greeted a new colleague on their appointment to the BBC Breakfast team. Katie Saoirse Bryson has confirmed that she would be joining the show as a Technical Operator.

Katie, you did an excellent job.

Dan Walker is a writer and a musician.

“Now that my two-year apprenticeship is over, I’ve joined the @BBCBreakfast and @BBCNWT teams permanently as a Technical Operator,” she wrote on Twitter.

It didn’t take long for the BBC star to congratulate Katie on her good news, saying, “Well done Katie.”

Dan recently said his goodbyes to a number of coworkers, wishing them all the best in their future endeavors on social media.

JJ Chalmers, who introduced the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, was one of them.

Katie, you did an excellent job.

As the Olympic Games came to a close, the 34-year-old expressed his delight at being a part of the broadcasting team.

“Stepping into the studio for the last time for #Tokyo2020,” he wrote to his 20,000 followers.

“It’s been a marathon, and that’s precisely what we’ve planned for you tonight at 2230 on @BBCOne.” Enjoy. #OlympicGames #BBCOlympics.”

Dan, who was also hosting the BBC’s morning Olympics coverage, was one of the first to respond, expressing his gratitude to his colleague.

“Way to go, big man. Every morning at 5 a.m., it’s been wonderful to see you,” the presenter tweeted.

All of this follows Dan’s co-host Louise Minchin’s announcement earlier this year that she will be departing BBC Breakfast after nearly 20 years.

She started presenting the show in 2001 and relocated to Salford in 2012, where she became one of the major presenters.

She informed fans live on-air that she had enjoyed her time on the show, but that it was time for her to “stop setting my alarm for 03:40” and that she is looking forward to “plenty of lie-ins.”

Louise stated that she would be leaving “sometime after the summer” and that she would be taking “a lot of wonderful memories” with her.

“We’ve had a good time. “We’ve had some great visitors,” she said with a smile.

“I enjoy hearing people’s tales as well as being able to tell them.”

“Anyone who watches would be very well aware of my passion for endurance sport, and I will surely continue to pursue that,” she said when asked what she would do next. I’ve got a lot of amazing things planned for the future.

“I’m.” says the narrator of Brinkwire Summary News.


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