Princess Sofia’s style has evolved from that of a ‘tattooed’ reality TV competitor to that of a ‘angelic’ Princess.


Princess Sofia’s style has evolved from that of a ‘tattooed’ reality TV competitor to that of a ‘angelic’ Princess.

PRINCESS SOFIA of Sweden is married to Prince Carl Philip, King Carl XVI Gustaf’s and Queen Silvia’s only child. Sofia, on the other hand, had a quite different life before joining the Royal Family.

Princess Sofia of Sweden, 36, married Prince Carl Philip and became a member of the Swedish Royal Family, but before that, she was a model and a TV reality show competitor.

Princess Sofia of Sweden was a model and a TV reality star before marrying Prince Carl Philip, Sweden’s fourth-in-line heir.

At a nightclub in Sweden, the pair met through mutual friends.

The royal couple has been married for six years and has three children together.

But what was Princess Sofia’s life like before she became a princess?

Princess Sofia’s appearance and style have drastically evolved in recent years.

Melita Latham, a fashion expert, remarked on her tremendous transformation.

“WOW!” Melita remarked. “What a distinction.

“Her stunning outfit alteration demonstrates her journey from tattooed bikini model to real-life Princess.”

“Wannabe reality TV star, to Princess, is undoubtedly every young girl’s ambition,” Melita explained.

“While she has managed to retain some characteristics of her youth and personality – one of the buses transporting guests to the royal wedding featured the words ‘ROYAL WEDDING’ on the bus sign – her attire, or rather her ability to dress as she once did, is plainly long gone.”

“The short figure-hugging tiny dresses that were once worn in the hopes of gaining popularity have been supplanted by the royal life’s conformity.

“In fact, the Swedish Royal Family is said to be one of the tightest in terms of formality, occasion, and attire, allowing very little in the way of ‘personal style.'”

“That said, you can’t help but be impressed with how she carries it and, at the very least, how she has handled with the shift that such families may bring,” Melita concluded.

“She wore floral long flowing robes while out in public with her child, a far cry from the publicity-hungry model and reality TV star.”

Melita, on the other hand, speculated that the Princess might no longer be showing her actual personality.

“Yes, she looks wonderful in off-the-shoulder gowns and tiaras, but wouldn’t it be nice to show her ‘real self’ once in a while?”

“Brinkwire Summary News” says, “One could image her in a pair of grey sweatpants.”


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