Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum, Michael C Hall’s band, talks about their debut album and upcoming winter tour (exclusive).


Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum, Michael C Hall’s band, talks about their debut album and upcoming winter tour (exclusive).

Even in a year when so many of us turned to music streaming services for comfort and connection, keeping up with all of the new releases can be difficult.

There will inevitably be worthwhile albums that are true hidden gems waiting to be discovered, such as Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum’s pristine debut record, Thanks for Coming, which is out now.

The band’s music has an atmospheric art feel to it that leaves you in an ethereal and reflective state of mind, drawing influence from David Bowie’s glam, experimental, and ambient music, as well as ’80s new wave dance and contemporary electronica.

The band, which includes vocalist Michael C Hall (best known for his role as Dexter Morgan on Showtime’s Dexter) and instrumentalists Peter Yanowitz (The Wallflowers and Morningwood) and Matt Katz-Bohen (Blondie), first met when Hall directed Hedwig and the Angry Itch on Broadway in 2014.

The three have merged their talents for Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum after quickly becoming friends and sharing a love of genre-bending music.

With their 14-track album beaming with a blinding existential vision of immaculately expressive songwriting against moody, spacious backdrops of subtle drums and low bass, Hall, Yanowitz, and Katz-Bohen tell exclusively that they enjoy the challenge of testing themselves genre-wise because their album is avant-garde and ideal for every mood.

“We had six songs on our [2020 self-titled] EP, and they were all different from each other, and we like that kind of mash-up,” Yanowitz told PopCulture from the band’s New York studio.

“And then we just continued that for the full link, and then we just finished another record that I think also plays into that same feel where we like to jump around,” she says.

It’s funny, we just wrote a set for our European tour, which starts this week, and this set is a little bit of a mash-up, making it difficult to figure out how to lay it out, but it’s fun for us.

We like all kinds of music, so maybe one day we’ll make a record where everything sounds the same.”

With the passage of time, the three have finally released Thanks for Coming, which includes numerous music videos, including their most recent “Tomorrow’s Screams,” which was released this past February.

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