Princess Diana’s body language at 30 displays ‘fear to sadness,’ but Kitty Spencer’s shows ‘assurance.’


Princess Diana’s body language at 30 displays ‘fear to sadness,’ but Kitty Spencer’s shows ‘assurance.’

PRINCESS DIANA and her niece Kitty Spencer have a lot in common in terms of appearance and style. They are, after all, auntie and niece. However, one feature that sets them apart is their personality. The evident disparities were discussed by a body language expert.

Princess Diana was about the same age as Kitty Spencer when she died. Was Diana, in her 30s, the strong woman Kitty embodies? According to a body language specialist, there is a “world of difference” between the two.

In Italy, Kitty Spencer, 30, married multimillionaire Michael Lewis, 62.

Princess Diana married Prince Charles at St Paul’s Cathedral on July 29, 1981, when she was 19 years old.

Their nonverbal communication on their wedding day, according to body language expert Judi James, is the polar opposite.

The contrast between the incredibly beautiful Spencer women is quite simple to see, as “there is a world of difference between them and not simply in their status as brides.”

“The body language signals of Kitty and Diana are diametrically opposed.

“Kitty has a beautiful smile and a confident expression in her eyes.”

“Diana’s smile was more complex,” Jui continued.

“We can now see images of her greatest smiles, but there were a slew of other, transient expressions in between, ranging from fear to melancholy and a sense of reflection on the monumental life step she was taking.”

“Diana’s control levels were low to the point of non-existence” when she married Prince Charles.

“We witnessed a young girl being swept along by the events and coming to terms with the possibility that there could be ‘three in this marriage.’”

When Princess Diana was 30, Judi explained, she discovered “more empathy and similarity” with Kitty.

“Diana had emerged stronger and far less idealistic from the ruins of her marriage.

“That girl who grew up reading romance novels was far more observant and cautious.

“She might even have been a little envious of Kitty, who seems to have her own life under control.”

Diana’s niece, on the other hand, appears to be stronger and more confident than the Princess ever was.

“Kitty is a model and a self-assured woman in her 30s who appears to be completely in control and capable of absorbing all of the attention and curiosity with no hint of worry or negative feeling.

“With Kitty, we admire her beauty but don’t share her personal moments.

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