Princess Diana was once called a “stupid girl” by the Queen Mother for believing that Prince Charles and Camilla will have an affair.


All tried to persuade her that she was suspicious, according to Princess Diana’s biography, In Her Own Words.

The princess was deemed “unstable” by the royal family because they thought her husband, Prince Charles, was having an affair with Camilla Parker Bowles.

But in fact, her suspicions were absolutely right – during their marriage, her husband was sneaking off with his mistress. When she found out that everyone (including the Queen Mother) had lied to her, Diana lost all her trust in the royal family.

Princess Diana was aware of the relationship Prince Charles had with Camilla Parker Bowles before she married him.

After she found out that he was having a romantic relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles, Diana felt the need to cancel her wedding to Prince Charles.

Sadly, Charles was not discreet about his love for Camilla at all.

Diana was constantly reminded of the feelings of her future husband for this other woman, which put her in a state of unhappiness.

Feeling insufficient, she contemplated seriously calling off the wedding.

I can’t marry him,”I can’t marry him,” “This I can’t do.

It is completely amazing.

But it was too late to get out of here again.

So Diana swallowed her pride and, with high expectations, entered the wedding. She thought that maybe he would end his affair with Camilla after she married Charles.

But this did not stop her from spotting the mistress of her husband as she walked down the aisle.

“As I walked up the aisle, I looked for her (Camilla),” she reveals in her tell-all book. “I knew she was in there, of course. I looked for her.”

Princess Diana was called a “stupid girl” by the Queen Mother for being upset about Prince Charles’ affair.

Prince Charles was angry in public with Princess Diana for fainting, claiming she “could have passed out quietly somewhere else.”

According to an official biography of the princess, both of them consistently assured Diana that her husband had no affair with Camilla. Her coworkers continued to insist that she was “just a friend.”

The Princess of Wales, however, refused to believe that.

She knew Camilla was always seen by her husband, and that hurt her because she wanted to work for her marriage to Prince Charles.

But the Queen Mother did not have any time for Diana’s worries, as her biography states.

The Queen Mother said, according to the Daily Express, ‘Diana is such a dumb child.

Doesn’t she realize that there are affairs with men?’

After discovering that Prince Charles was secretly cheating on her, Princess Diana lost trust in the royal family.

“The princess was driven mad by those she trusted and admired,” the book says. “They told her again and again, over and over, that ‘Camilla was just a friend.’ Her distrust, they argued, was misplaced.”

And as Diana writes in her biography, “Friends on my husband’s side suggested that I was unstable and ill again and should be put in some kind of home to get well. I was almost an embarrassment.”


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