Princess Diana once heard Prince Charles say that Camilla would “always love”


Diana was the happiest she’d ever been since Prince Charles proposed to her, according to Princess Diana’s brother in her biography, In Her Own Words. She had the impression of being in a fairy-tale romance.

But when Diana heard about Camilla Parker Bowles, all that changed. Diana strongly considered canceling the royal wedding when she heard about’ the other woman.’

“And to make matters worse, she heard her future husband tell Camilla just weeks before the wedding that he would “always love” her.

After knowing about Camilla Parker Bowles, Princess Diana did not want to marry Prince Charles after

“I can’t marry him,” she said to her sisters. “This I can’t do.

This is simply amazing.

“Well, tough luck, Duch,” according to Diana’s tell-all book, her sisters said. “Your face is on the dish towels, so it’s too late to chicken out.”

While she took advice from her sisters, when she married the prince, she felt like a “sacrificial lamb” because he was in love with another woman.

Princess Diana heard Prince Charles tell Camilla he would love her “always love”

The moment Princess Diana lost all hope of saving her marriage to Prince Charles

She and Charles fought frequently about his mistress, according to Diana’s biography, In Her Own Words.

And Diana overheard her fiancé declaring his love for Camilla weeks before their wedding.

“I once heard him say on the phone in his bathroom on his handset, ‘Whatever happens, I will always love you,'” she reveals in the novel. “I told him afterwards that I had been listening, and we had a big fight.”

Not only did he declare his love with words, he showed it to Camilla with gifts as well. With his loving gestures, he was so unsubtle that Diana soon learned of his small gifts for her. (Prince Charles gave Camilla a bracelet etched on it with an inside joke. He gave her a bouquet of flowers, too).

There was a bad honeymoon for Princess Diana and Prince Charles because of Camilla Parker Bowles

Why did the friends of Prince Charles advise him to “in a home”

Their honeymoon was a nightmare because of Camilla, as Diana discloses in her tell-all book. Actually, during that journey, thoughts of Charles’ mistress haunted her so much that she dreamed of her “every night.”

“I remember crying my eyes out on our honeymoon,” Diana revealed. “I was so tired for all the wrong reasons.”

The moment Princess Diana knew she was doomed by her marriage to Prince Charles

But even though she was heartbroken about the affair Prince Charles had with Camilla, she tried to be a team player with all her might.

Princess Diana kept on to the illusion that she and her husband could sort out their marital issues for her own sanity.

After 10 years of marriage, however, that changed when she found a stack of love letters exchanged between Camilla and her husband.

Camilla wrote a letter to Charles, “I hate not being able to tell you how much I love you,”

Camilla also wrote about “how much she longed to be with him and that she was his forever.” as Diana revealed in her biography.

I especially remember one haunting passage that read, “I particularly remember one haunting passage that read, ‘My heart and my body both ache for you.'” Diana said.

And this was, as her book shows, the moment that she knew that her marriage was over. “Diana realized after reading this correspondence that any hopes she might have harbored for saving her ten-year marriage were doomed.”


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