Princess Diana once admitted that part of her royal life could not be remembered: “I erased it, it was so painful.”


As a royal, the life of Princess Diana was not nearly as glamorous as the public once believed. It turns out that Diana had a rough time adapting to a married life with Prince Charles – one that was constantly under pressure and in the spotlight.

Diana once revealed that some parts of her life, especially the time between the births of her first and second sons, had even blacked out.

It was difficult for Princess Diana to adapt to the royal family.

Neither agreed to marry the other when Diana and Charles first began dating. But Charles was under pressure to find a wife, and Diana was only a teenager who, when she fell in love, didn’t know any better.

After just 12 dates, Charles proposed to her, and after a hurried wedding and honeymoon, Diana found herself unprepared for it in the midst of royal life. She also remembered how hard it was for the pair to marry just days after the wedding. “I just had an enormous hope in me that was dashed on the second day,”I just had an enormous hope in me that was dashed on the second day.

In terms of criticism, Diana also remembered the difficulties she faced; her dresses, royal engagements and more were frequently challenged.

The British tabloids were not so forgiving, even though the public found her trustworthy.

Princess Diana once heard Prince Charles tell Camilla that he will “always love her.”

Princess Diana has revealed that pieces of her life have been “erased”

Apparently, the struggle which began after her marriage never ended.

Diana continued to have problems with her mental health, and although she declined, the royal family also persuaded her to take medicine for her depression.

Diana’s marriage to Charles was almost always on the rocks, and she was aware that he would much rather be with Camilla Parker Bowles.

Diana disclosed that the struggles she endured forced her to blot out much of her life from her own memory. More precisely, the two years between the birth of Prince William, her first son, and Prince Harry, her second son.

… Between the birth of William and Harry, it was totally dark,”… It was totally dark between the birth of William and Harry,” Diana noted, however, that she recalls the six weeks before Harry’s birth because she and Charles were together than ever, ‘I can’t remember anything, I’ve erased it, it was such a pain.’ She described the era as “the closest we ever had and ever will have.”

Diana admitted that transitioning to royalty took her six years.

It was not easy for Diana to spend time in the royal family, and she definitely didn’t adapt easily. She did not even want to attend royal appointments without him when she and Charles were first married. She said, “I didn’t want to do anything by myself,” “I was too scared.”

Diana said she couldn’t relate to royal life for some time, between the criticism, the traveling and the general feeling of not being prepared when joining the family. “I was just so scared of the attention I was getting; it took me six years to feel comfortable in that skin, and now I’m ready to move forward,”I was just so scared of the attention I was getting; it took me six years to feel comfortable in that skin and now I am ready to move forward.


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