Princess Charlene of Monaco has been admitted to a treatment facility after months of poor health.


Following months of ill health, Princess Charlene of Monaco is in a treatment facility.

Due to her deteriorating health, Princess Charlene of Monaco has reportedly been admitted to a treatment facility.

“I’m probably going to say this several times, but this has nothing to do with our relationship,” her husband, Prince Albert, tells People.

That is something I want to emphasize.

These aren’t issues in our relationship; they’re not issues in a husband-and-wife relationship.

It’s not the same.”

Princess Charlene’s health has reportedly deteriorated in recent months, owing to “a number of factors that are private matters,” according to her husband. He adds, “she was clearly exhausted, physically and emotionally.”

She was exhausted and unable to deal with official responsibilities, life in general, or even her family.”

Princess Charlene was previously “grounded” in South Africa due to an ENT infection that necessitated a series of corrective surgeries and a six-month stay and rest.

“Obviously, her various surgeries and procedures over the last few months had consequences,” Albert says.

“That was certainly a factor, but I’d rather not comment further at this time.”

I can attest to her extreme exhaustion.

She hadn’t slept well in days and wasn’t eating well.

She had lost a significant amount of weight, making her susceptible to other illnesses.


“Because I know there are rumors out there,” Albert continued, “let me say: This is not COVID.”

“And it has nothing to do with cancer.”

It’s not a problem with your personal life.

And if you’re interested in talking about another theory, it has nothing to do with plastic surgery or facial work.”

After months of surgeries and tabloid rumors, the Princess was given the option of receiving treatment at a facility “elsewhere in Europe.” “She had already made her decision, and we only wanted her to confirm it in front of us,” the couple explained.

This was something she desired.

She already knew the best thing to do was to rest and receive proper medical treatment.

And certainly not in Monaco.

“It would have to be outside of Monaco for privacy reasons,” Albert explained, adding that “she was already in favor of it….

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