Prince George’s body language in a birthday photo was described as “confident and sociable.”


Prince George’s body language in a birthday photo was described as “confident and sociable.”

Tomorrow is PRINCE GEORGE’S eighth birthday. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have unveiled a new portrait of the little royal to commemorate the occasion.

In the most recent photo of Kate Middleton and Prince William’s eldest son, Prince George grinned at the camera. In the photo, how does his body language come across?

Prince George has recently made a few public appearances, most notably to attend two England Euro 2020 games.

He’ll be celebrating his eighth birthday tomorrow, and he’ll most likely spend the day with his family.

Kate and Prince William occasionally release family photos to give royal admirers a look into their lives.

This is most commonly done to commemorate important occasions like birthdays or anniversaries.

Today, a second photo was released in which he appeared to be approaching the royal residence.

The Duchess of Cambridge, who is known for her love of photography, took the photo of George.

Wearing a navy and orange striped polo shirt, the future King smiled at the camera.

Judi James, a body language expert, spoke to This website about the image’s sense of “fun.”

“In this new birthday image, just as in George’s prior birthday photos, there’s still an emphasis on casual enjoyment and freedom,” she added.

“He wears a striped polo shirt and sits in front of what appears to be a huge field, posing on what appears to be a car boot, implying a picnic or other outing.”

The photo was taken earlier this month in Norfolk.

The Cambridges frequently visit Anmer Hall in Norfolk, where they live.

The photo seems to be a snapshot of some great family time, and Prince George displays real joy, as he has in prior birthday photos.

However, Judi pointed out a major distinction from other birthday photos.

She believed there were a few signs the young royal was becoming more “adult and autonomous.”

This could be noticed in his expression and the way he walked in the portrait.

“That shorter, neater, and very grownup hairstyle is only one evidence of the more grown-up version of George that we see in this photo,” the expert continued.

“That wide smile still conveys a sense of merriment, but the way he leans out towards the camera with a raised chin and his conversational expression imply considerably higher levels of confidence and sociability.

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