Prince Charles says he has put Diana’s death behind him. on a trip to celebrate their wedding anniversary


Prince Charles says he has put Diana’s death behind him. on a trip to celebrate their wedding anniversary

A body language specialist claims that Prince Charles appeared “joyous and animated” in Scotland on what would have been his 40th wedding anniversary to the late Princess Diana.

On Thursday, Prince Charles, 72, was all smiles when he ventured out in Scotland. The future king appeared to be in good spirits as he made multiple visits in Thurso, Scotland, dressed in a kilt.

On Twitter, Clarence House released photographs of Charles interacting with members of the public while visiting a beach clean-up and a veterinary clinic in the town.

“On Scrabster Beach in Thurso today, The Prince of Wales meets members of the Caithness Beach Clean Group,” stated one of the tweets.

The group, which is made up of determined volunteers, has completed over 3,500 beach clean-ups to date!”

On what would have been his first wife Princess Diana’s wedding anniversary, a body language specialist analyzed photos of the future king and claimed he seemed to have left “poignant thoughts behind him.”

“On what would have been his 40th wedding anniversary, Charles appears to have managed to put any more poignant thoughts behind him to appear looking hugely cheery and animated, clad in a kilt as he paid some royal visits in Scotland,” Judi James, a body language expert and author, told This website.

Judi remarked that the future king looks his finest in a kilt.

“Charles looks most happiest and most calm when he’s dressed in tartan, and he wears his kilt with confidence here,” she continued.

Charles is an avid environmentalist and animal lover, and he seemed to be in his element during the outing on Thursday.

“His crinkled grin suggests some really energetic and pleasant chats with the individuals he is meeting, and he appears to be in excellent form, likely set for a visit to his mother in Balmoral,” she continued.

In the aftermath of her niece Lady Kitty Spencer’s wedding at the weekend, memories of Princess Diana’s wedding have resurfaced, bringing up painful memories for some royal fans, Judi added.


“Photos of his wedding to Diana have sparked some very sad memories for followers of the Princess in these days after Kitty Spencerâ€TMs own gorgeous nuptials,” she continued.

“Over the past several days, Charles appears to have increased his workload and profile, probably to keep as busy as possible while trading remarks and jokes at.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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