Prince Charles once told Princess Diana that married women are preferred


Diana knew from the time she was a teenager that she was destined for success, according to Princess Diana’s biography by Andrew Morton. “I said to my father when I was 13, ‘I know I’m going to marry someone who is in the public eye,'” she said. The princess, however, said she thought that she was going to marry an ambassador rather than the Prince of Wales.

But while her hopes were fulfilled by marrying a significant man, it turned out that her marriage was unhappy.

In a passionless marriage in which her husband was already in love with someone else, Diana felt stuck.

Camilla Parker Bowles, who also happened to be married, was the woman he was in love with.

And Prince Charles once told her, as Diana recounts in her biography, that he only dated married women. In reality, in that way, he preferred it. To find out why, read on.

For Prince Charles, Princess Diana decided to save herself.

Diana reveals in her biography that, before she married Prince Charles, she had never had a boyfriend.

She decided to save herself for someone special, according to the princess. Who would have thought the prince would be?

“All my friends had boyfriends,” she said, “but I didn’t. I kind of knew I had to keep myself very in order for whatever was coming.”

And although Diana had never had a lover before Charles, there were many girlfriends before the Prince of Wales.

And some of them were already married, as it turned out.

Prince Charles told Princess Diana he liked married women for a reason.

Why did the friends of Prince Charles advise him to “in a home”

Things were kept extremely formal during the courtship process of Diana and Charles’ relationship.

As Diana reveals in her Andrew Morton novel, she was forced to address Charles as “Sir” before their engagement was officially confirmed.

Since things between them were so stiff, they knew nothing about each other.

Diana, desperate to get to know her future husband, asked Charles about his girlfriends from the past.

And obviously, most of them have been taken already.

“During her courtship, Diana had asked Charles about his former girlfriends,” “He had told her frankly that they were married women because, in his words, ‘they were safe’; they had their husbands to think of.”

Her marriage to the Prince of Wales was named the “worst day” of her life by Princess Diana.

Diana already suspected her groom was unfaithful to her by the time her wedding came around. What made matters worse was that another woman was hopelessly in love with him.

And she characterized her wedding as the worst day of her life, because the princess knew she was marrying someone who wasn’t in love with her.

Only days before her wedding, Diana revealed, “I sobbed my eyes out,” I broke down completely over all kinds of stuff.

Throughout our marriage, the Camilla thing raised its ugly head, and I was desperately trying to deal with the situation maturely, but I didn’t have the basis for it, and I couldn’t speak to someone about it.’


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